2 November 2015

Part Five : QA and Dhamma Discussion (USA)

Question and Answer and Dhamma Discussion 
with Overseas Disciple from USA 
(Part V)

QUESTION  :  May I know whether are you referring to the power of 'abandoning' ?

Sayadaw  :  Yes.  Power to 'abandon all the actions' in your mind.  The power to perform real dana, sila and bhavana.  The power of 'abandoning' is the real power of mind.  Power of 'doing' is not real and genuine.

In terms of doing dana, 'how much you can donate' is a created power, which you do actions on purpose.

In terms of observing sila, 'how long or how much precepts you can take' is a created power since you have to put in efforts to do this action.

In terms of 'bhavana', 'how much you can contemplate on and how long you can concentrate' are created powers attained by 'doing'.

What I am talking about is not the power of 'doing' but 'abandoning'.  You can attain real and genuine power only by continuously contemplating 'abandoning' in your mind.

QUESTION  :  How to contemplate that way on daily basis?  According to this concept, if you are doing something, it is for 'doing-only'. Do we need to practice by contemplating on that concept or as a beginner, how should we contemplate on daily basis?  For example, if we are going to do start a new project, we need to have some idea about it and mentally prepare for it.  Should we follow the same way in practicing meditation?

Sayadaw  :  Yes.  You have to do all your actions with right understanding in mind. If the leader 'understanding' is 'right', the followers 'your actions' will automatically be 'right'.

If your understanding is based only on 'doing', since the understanding is not correct, you will always need to do endless of actions.

If you do actions with the understanding of 'abandoning' in your mind, you will not develop any grasping on your actions.

If you do not have 'right understanding' in your mind, you will always be doing actions with habitual created understanding such as ... you have to work hard to earn for decent living till you die, you have to look after your health till you die, etc ... your mind will be paying central emphasis only on 'doing' actions and not on 'abandoning'.

Like Myanmar proverb 'There is no such thing as being too old to learn', people tend to study till death,  people take care of themselves and protect themselves from dangers till death, etc.  The above examples highlighted only on 'doing'.  They do not pay the slightest emphasis on carrying out 'abandoning' in your mind.

Original Truth will still be obscured, until Created Truth can be used in the right way, using-only and experiencing-only.

To be continued

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