How To Come

How To Come

By Taxi
Our address is …
ThaBarWa Centre (ThaBarWa Yeiktha),
Thanlyin Pagoda Hill (Thanlyin Phayar Kone)
(Between Kyaik Khauk Pagoda and East Yangon University),
Phayar Kone Village,
Thanlyin Township,
Yangon, Myanmar. 
Tel : +95(0)9972743022 (English), +95(0)9784563653 (English), 
+95(0)9250047330 (English, French, Italian).

These might be handy if you take taxi

By Bus
If you are taking public transport, by bus, there will be two steps.
Step (1)  :  Airport to Sule Pagoda.
Step (2)  :  Sule Pagoda to ThanLyin Payar Gone at ThanLyin Township.
ThanLyin, a major port city, is located across Yangon River from the city of Yangon. The two cities are connected by Thanlyin Bridge.

Our place, ThaBarWa Centre (ThaBarWa Yeiktha) in ThanLyin Township is about 1hr and 30min bus ride (if no jam) from downtown Yangon (Sule Pagoda).

Location of Thabarwa Centre

Thanlyin Bridge

Step (1)  :  Take bus from Airport to Sule Pagoda

Direction to Yangon Airport Bus Stop

The Yangon Airport bus station is about 800m away from International Terminal.  After leaving the airport, just walk along Yangon Airport Road towards the direction of domestic terminal.  

The Yangon Airport bus stop is before the junction Yangon Airport Road and Radio Station Road.  Wait at the bus stop to take the public bus to Sule Pagoda.  Alight at Sule Pagoda bus stop.  

The bus fare is about 200kyats (20cents).

Sule Pagoda (downtown Yangon)

Step (2)  :  Take bus from Sule Pagoda to ThanLyin Phayar Kone at ThanLyin Township

Direction to Pansodan Bus Stop (along Maha Bandula Road)

When you reach to Sule Pagoda bus stop (downtown Yangon), alight (get down) and walk along Maha Bandula Road towards the direction of Pansodan Bus Stop to take public bus to ThanLyin Payar Gone (ThanLyin Township).

Our centre is about 1hr and 30min bus ride (if no jam) from downtown Yangon (Sule Pagoda).  The bus fare is about 200kyats (20cents).

Please wait at Pansodan Bus Stop located along Maha Bandula Street.  When Yangon to ThanLyin bus comes, board the bus.  

Here I have to inform you that the buses plying between Yangon to ThanLyin do not have any particular service number.  Only the words in Burmese language is displayed on their windscreen. 

Just ask for Than-Lyin-Tha-Bar-Wa-Yeik-Thar. They will direct you to the right bus.

Kyaik Khauk Pagoda

When the bus passes by Kyaik Khauk Pagoda (you can see the pagoda at your right side), get ready to alight.  Here, you have two options.

(1)  If you arrive at our vicinity (Phayar Kone junction area) earlier than 4pm (Myanmar time), the bus will continue plying to East Yangon University.  Hence, the bus will stop at the very lane (concrete lane) leading to ThaBarWa Centre.  You do not have to walk from Phayar Kone junction.

You can request either the bus driver or the conductor to alert you when the bus reaches to ThaBarWa Yeiktha bus stop. 

(2) If you arrive our vicinity after 4pm (Myanmar time), the bus will end at Phayar Kone bus terminal, which is located at the bustling junction of Kyaik Khauk Pagoda Road and No 6 Road.  

Upon reaching Phayar Kone junction bus terminal, you have to check with either the bus driver or the conductor whether the bus will continue going towards ThaBarWa Yeiktha direction or will end at the junction terminal.

If the bus ends at Phayar Kone junction bus terminal, you have two alternatives to go to ThaBarWa Centre.

Walk to ThaBarWa

Direction to Thabarwa Centre

If you do not have heavy luggage or if it is not dark, you can walk to ThaBarWa.

At the bus terminal, you can ask anybody to direct you to Tha-Bar-Wa-Yeik-Tar.

After alighting at Phayar Kone bus terminal, walk along No 6 Road to Thabarwa Centre, towards the direction of East Yangon University (Tar-Wa-tat-ka-tho).  Our centre is located between Than-Lyin-Pha-Yar-Kone bus terminal and East Yangon University.

After walking for about 5 - 10 minutes, you will see the first concrete lane at your left side.  Turn in to that concrete lane (Thabarwa Yeiktha Road), which can lead you to Thabarwa Centre.  

Please come to Dhamma Raja Hall for registration. You need to walk for about 5 - 10 minutes along the concrete lane to reach to Dhamma Raja Hall (at the right side of the concrete lane, right beside the dhamma hall)

Dhamma Raja Hall for registration

Motorbike Taxi to ThaBarWa
If you have heavy luggage or if it is dark, you can take motorbike taxi to ThaBarWa.  From Phayar Kone to Thabarwa will cost you about 2,000 kyats (about 20 cents).

Please ask the motorbike taxi to stop at Dhamma Raja Hall for registration. 

If You Face Any Difficulties
If you face any difficulties, please call either of us, at any time … 09972743022 (English), 09784563653 (English), 09250047330 (English, French, Italian), 09972269659 (English) … we will be there for you.

View of Concrete Lane

Satipatthana Dhamma Hall

Our Family Members