4 January 2018

Welcome to the new Thabarwa center in Italy

A new Thabarwa center opened in Italy

The Thabarwa Nature Center Europe is established with a headquarter in Italy.

A Vipassana Meditation and International solidarity Center situated in Piemonte, between Serravalle Scrivia and Gavi where people, anyone, without discrimination, can actively participate and build a community based on social well being, engaging oneself in volunteer work and receiving teachings of Samatha Meditation (concentration through sustained attention) and Vipassana Meditation (insight through reflection and clear vision).

Thabarwa Centers belong to everyone – not to somebody in particular – who desire to do good deeds with no limits, with altruistic spirit breaking the boundaries of the “Self”.

The center is still in the process of being organized, but you can already contact us for information and start collaborating actively with us: everyone can participate in the life of the center by offering their time and will.

Food, lodging and teaching are freely provided.

In order to participate and contribute to the birth of the center, please fill in the attached form.

For more information:
Email: info@thabarwanaturecentre.org

Thabarwa Nature Center website

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