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“With the aim of providing opportunities for meditators to do a wide range of good deeds on a regular basis, I established Thabarwa Center.

Instead of confronting and solving problems directly by following traditional social norms, I encourage, train and guide those who come to Thabarwa Center, including the elderly and those facing complex health, social and financial problems, to solve their problems with the aid of dhamma (meditation practice of mindfulness & right understanding).

I teach them to enhance their power of right understanding by listening to dhamma teachings, practicing insight meditation and performing good deeds as much as possible. Those people gradually come to realise that their problems were solved due to the merits they gained in doing various good deeds while staying at Thabarwa Center.”

– Sayadaw Ashin Uttamasara –

Limitless Volunteering Opportunities …

ThaBarWa Centre or ThaBarWa Yeiktha is an ideal place for learning and practicing meditation as well as for helping others who have physical and mental limitations and difficulties.

Our center takes care of everybody, regardless of age, race and religion, who cannot support themselves and survive on their own due to various reasons and at the same time teaching them how to meditate and purify their mind.

Daily Activities in Which You Can Participate ….

Currently there are more than 2,500 yogis (as of October 2015) taking refuge at Thabarwa Centre (Thanlyin).  This includes aged persons, terminally sick, infirm, blind, deaf, disabled, mental cases, homeless, helpless, orphans and children. 

We provide a peaceful sanctuary to everyone without discrimination or restriction as to number, time, age, health condition, nationality, social status, religion, etc.  

Food, lodging and teaching are also provided free of charge.

Since there are many people of different age groups, state of health, shapes, sizes and personalities, including mental patients, at time, you might witness disputes, arguments, disagreements, unhappiness and quarrels, like any other typical human societies.   

But again, this could also be a good learning process to build up your power and level of understanding, detachment, compassion, loving-kindness, tolerance, patience, sympathy and empathy.

By staying at our centre, you will have plenty of opportunities to experience and participate in the countless of activities …

1.  Attending daily Vipassana Insight Meditation (5:00am) and Dhamma discussion
2.  Participating in regular meditation retreats by various teachers at Thabarwa Centre (Thanlyin)
3.  Participating in monthly 5-day meditation retreats at Shwe Chaung Thabarwa Center in Pyin Oo Lwin, near Mandalay.

4.  Attending Dhamma, Pali, Abidhamma and Buddhist study classes. 
5. Following the monks in their daily alms rounds and helping in distributing the alms food to infirm, old folks and meditators.
6. Taking care of and assisting infirm or old folks with their chores.

7.  Sharing knowledge and expertise on safety, green energy, recycling, IT, engineering, construction, estate planning, landscaping, plumbing, electric, machinery … security, accounting, management, education, warehousing … handicraft, home-economic ... clean drinking water, nutrition, food hygiene, geriatric care, physiotherapy, dental and medical know-how.

8.  Assisting Venerable with management, IT and technology.
9.  Helping in the library.
10.  Helping in the hospitals and clinics.
11.  Editing of interviews and Dhamma talk audio and video files.
12.  Teaching English and IT to monks, nuns, yogis and children

13.  Helping in the kitchen, cooking, cutting vegetables and distributing food.
14.  Visiting branches of ThaBarWa Centres (across Myanmar).
15.  Learning Burmese culture and the people.
16.  Visiting the mercy villages which were established (by ThaBarWa) for homeless and needy families and individuals.
17.  Any idea or skill or expertise which you can offer to help others can be implemented here

The above activities are just to name a few.  Indeed volunteering opportunities and possibilities are way beyond limits and words can describe!

Please do come and experience it by yourself …

Lodging, food, transportation to Thabarwa branches … are totally free of charge.

International Volunteers
1.  Famous Korean acupuncturist opens an acupuncture academy to cure patient and to train those who are keen to learn (3-years on the job training).

2.  Foreign volunteers giving massage treatment, teaching yoga and Qi-gong to patients.
3.  Assisting in moving patients and wheeling patients around the centre.

4.  Giving dental treatments.
5.  Group of Korean medical professionals gave treatments to infirm.

5.  A Korean monk establishing learning centre for children, teaching them handicraft and also donating necessary learning materials and books.
6.  Implementing rubbish sorting, recycling and disposal system.

7.  One professional decided to live permanently at Thabarwa rather than renting a room in Yangon city so that she can attend meditation sessions in the evening.
8.  Designing websites, designing census form, doing translations, organising and hosting Dhamma Duta trips … just to name a few.

No job is too small or too big or too easy or too difficult … we warmly welcome and sincerely appreciate every single help and assistance that we have been receiving from our visitors, volunteers and donors from all over the world … 

Thank you so much indeed .... 

sadu ... sadu ... sadu ...

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