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Thabarwa Centre
Thanlyin, Myanmar

Our Mission

Sharing, Caring, Helping, Protection and Cooperation by Mindfulness and Right Understanding.

Our Vision

The vision of Thabarwa Centre is to provide opportunities for everyone to do a wide range of good deeds on a regular basis.

Thabarwa Is A Place For Everyone!!
Located in Thanlyin Pagoda Hill, Myanmar, Thabarwa Centre, headed by Venerable Sayadaw Ashin Uttamasara, is a meditation and dhamma centre cum non-profit humanitarian organization working for a noble cause.  It is established with unlimited access for general benefit and is fulfilling the most crucial needs of the society continually, persistently, dedicatedly, one by one. 

Our centre opens 24 hours a day, seven days a week without recess.  It is the sanctuary which is fulfilling the requirements of the multitude and the world (loka) round-the-clock without attachment and craving.

Since its establishment, without limiting the number of residents, Thabarwa takes on everyone, regardless of age, race, social and financial condition, health condition, physical and mental state and provides them with basic necessities of life and medical care for free so that they can fully concentrate on the pursuit and realization of dhamma.  Even on the event of death Thabarwa performs their last funeral rites and gives them a decent burial.

Today, Thabarwa provides a peaceful sanctuary for more than 2,500 yogis (October 2015) from all regions of Myanmar as well as from foreign countries, who are seeking refuge for care, attention and desire to practice vipassana insight meditation under the guidance of Venerable Ashin Uttamasara.  They include children (orphans), elderly and frails, infirm, the blind, the deaf, the disabled, psychiatric and mental cases, chronically and terminally ills, abandoned and neglected individuals, homeless and helpless as well as those who are facing complex social and financial problems

The yogis, seeking true dhamma, also become friends with fellow yogis in a spirit of give and take.  Thus they do not feel helpless over their miseries of rejection and loneliness.

There are many local and overseas volunteers who donate their skills, time, energy, labour and money for a worthy cause, to look after the welfare of the yogis taking refuge at Thabarwa Centre as well as to practice vipassana insight meditation.  Thabarwa channels the money and materials received to provide a peaceful venue for people to practice dhamma without worry.

Though Thabarwa functions for common welfare, that is not the main objective. The main objective is propagate the Pariyatti and Patipatti Sasana ... to enable the yogis to enhance their power of right understanding by listening to dhamma teachings, practicing vipassana insight meditation and performing good deeds as much as possible with non-grasping, detachment and mindfulness.

Good Deeds At Thabarwa Centre
The activities of Sayadaw Ashin Uttamasara and Thabarwa Center are wide and various, serving the spiritual and physical needs of thousands from far and near.

More and more visitors from all over Myanmar and abroad are coming daily to visit, learn meditation and volunteer their skills and time in caring for those taking refuge at Thabarwa Center.

•     Providing refuge not only for meditators but also for the old aged, homeless, orphans, loners, infirm and the people with physical and mental difficulties.
•     Providing health care, food, clothing, shelter, clean water for cooking and drinking, etc. and offering aids and support for free of charge.
•     Solving day to day problems of centre residents, meditators, volunteers and visitors.
•     Communicating and cooperating with volunteers, charities, non-profit organizations and philanthropists from Myanmar and abroad.
•     Conducting daily Vipassana Insight Meditation and Dhamma Talks.

•     Conducting retreats in the traditions of renowned vipassana meditation masters. All the meditation methods are being utilized without attachment to any particular method.
•     Conducting daily and weekly courses in Abhidhamma, Buddhist theory and scripture study.
•     Sound editing and free distribution of Dhamma teachings (mp3 and videos), books, and portraits of renowned meditation masters.
•     Opening of a Pariyatti (Buddhist Theory) Institutes.
•     Establishing Dhamma Library.
•     Establishing Dhamma Hospitals, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Myanmar Traditional Medicine and dental clinics.

Good Deeds Outside Thabarwa Centre
•     Establishing new meditation centres (branches of Thabarwa Centre) across Myanmar and abroad. Over 70 centers are being established at the moment.
•     Establishing Cetana (Goodwill) villages for families with financial and social difficulties. Goodwill villages include Dhamma halls for meditation, schools for children, institutes for Buddhist studies, hospitals and markets.
•     Establishing Banks of Meritorious Deeds (Parahitta Merit Banks) at various locations where there is a critical need of water, food, shelter, medicines, transportation, education, etc.

Contact Persons
Ven. Sayadaw Ashin Uttamasara

mobile : 95-95085212
email :

Aba U Kyaw Aye and Mommie Daw Khin Swe Oo

mobile : 95-98595599
mobile : 95-95211616

Daw Khin San Oo (Admin)

mobile : 95-9420076866

Nanda Win (Admin) 

mobile : 95-99776383266

Thein Than Soe (Admin) 

mobile : 95-9784563653

For Staying, Visiting, Volunteering
For more information about visiting, contributing, meditating, volunteering and staying at Thabarwa Center please email:

Sayalay Khema Cari

mobile : 95-9955841050

Soe Win Htut

mobile : 95-973074192

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“With the aim of providing opportunities for meditators to do a wide range of good deeds on a regular basis, I established Thabarwa Center.

Instead of confronting and solving problems directly by following traditional social norms, I encourage, train and guide those who come to Thabarwa Center, including the elderly and those who are facing complex health, social and financial problems, to solve their problems with the aid of dhamma (meditation practice of mindfulness and right understanding).

I teach them to enhance their power of right understanding by listening to dhamma teachings, practicing insight meditation and performing good deeds as much as possible. Those people gradually come to realise that their problems were solved due to the merits they gained in doing various good deeds while staying at Thabarwa Center.”

Sayadaw Ashin Uttamasara –

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