23 October 2015

Part Four : QA and Dhamma Discussion (USA)

Question and Answer and Dhamma Discussion 
with Overseas Disciple from USA 
(Part IV)

Traditionally people can do any kinds of dana (good deeds or donations) at any time and place, observe sila at any time and place by taking precepts, practice meditation at any time and place by following the methods and instructions from the manuals ... all are not difficult actions.  You can do those actions either at home or on your own or you can simply go to any of the meditation centres to do it.  Not that difficult.

Doing those actions can be considered as merely doing good deeds superficially and thus difficult to realise the essence, the power of 'abandoning' in your mind.  Those actions show that you only possess the power of 'doing' but lacks the power of 'abandoning'. 

Everybody knows how to depend on themselves, on Buddha, Dhamma and Sanga (Triple Gems), etc but unable to abandon the habit of depending on themselves, on Triple Gems, etc in their minds.  Thus, they can never be able to accomplish the essence of 'abandoning'.

It is the universal truth if you can use the constraint of time to overcome obstacles, and not to end your path on sense of time.

Over the years, I have been continuously guiding, solving the problems and issues of those who are interested in to practice dhamma and meditation beyond traditional way, including our local people, locals living in foreign countries as well as foreigners.

By doing so, along the way, I have discovered even more effective and useful ways to solve those issues.  Hence, as time goes by, problems and issues of mind become so much easier for me to handle.

You might still find my teachings as difficult as long as you are facing difficulties in understanding the issues of your mind.  Similarly, it is even more challenging for me to explain and teach you those deep issues till you understand them clearly.  Hence, the difficulties remain in both ways and for both parties.

Currently, you only have superficial understanding.  Hence, you might find going beyond those superficial understanding as difficult.  Currently you have the power of doing superficial actions.  Hence, you might find abandoning your this habit as difficult.

As for me, it might not be so challenging if I just follow the food steps of my teachers and masters.  Since I had listened to their teachings for countless of times in the past, I became familiar with the teachings of my teachers and masters.  Hence, walking along the path paved by my teachers Mogok Sayadaw, TheInnGu Sayadaw and other teachers might not be as uphill task as paving my own way ... like what I am doing now.

I might not need to use new terminologies, explore more effective methods and approaches of teaching if the traditional ways of teaching can effectively address to the issues and problems of the mind.  I can just distribute recorded teachings and encourage people to practice as per the recorded teachings or if they do not have place to practice, I can simply establish meditation centre rather than exploring new ways of teachings personally. 

Since I personally discovered that the conventional teachings are not so exhaustive and adequate, together with those who have already been practicing and those who are genuinely interested in to practice dhamma and meditation beyond conventional way, I tried my best to explain and teach till the yogis and disciples have clear understanding. 

I always encourage people to cultivate the right mindset to understand dhamma beyond conventional understanding.  Along the way, I also discover new ways and approaches of teaching dhamma and meditation even more effectively.

I personally believe that if you clear your doubts by asking Questions while practicing, your understanding will definitely be improved.  You will not have any improvement if you develop negative feelings, e.g. you do not feel like asking Questions anymore or practicing meditation anymore.

Judgement depends on attitude .... Effect depends on the way of doing.

You will experience improvements as long as you practice meditation regularly and diligently. 

You will never be able to experience any improvements, the problems and difficulties will still be remained as problems and difficulties, if you do not practice meditation regularly and diligently.

If you carry out created actions diligently, you will only know how to do created actions such as how to earn money, how to earn more money, how to do various actions, etc.

If you set aside some of your time to do good deeds continuously, your problems and issues of not knowing how to practice meditation and not understanding dhamma will gradually be solved due to the merit accumulated from the good deeds that you did.

Once you know how to do 'abandoning' in your mind, you will also be able to help people to acquire similar understanding like you.  By doing so, you will eventually have alternatives and choices for your life.

In the past, before practicing meditation, I did not have any alternatives and choices.  After setting my foot firmly in dhamma and insight meditation, I had completely abandoned my created actions, works, business and endeavours.  By doing so, change of actions and direction of life happened.  I was given priceless chance to switch my direction completely and do unimaginable actions of life since there are not many who can do actions like me.

If you actually practice meditation way beyond conventional ways, you will gradually discover that there are countless of shortfalls and vacuum in this field.  The reason could be because there are not many who are doing those actions intensely as well as there are not many who can be able to do those actions effectively.

I abandoned my previous life style when I started to realised that there are countless of people who are doing the same created actions as me and thus it is not at all crucial for me to hang on to that life style.

As a beginner, try your best to practice meditation regularly while carrying out your usual created actions and obligations.  At the same time, try to encourage others to follow your footsteps.

Good Deeds can change from .... immature to be matured ... unhealthy to be healthy ... stressful to be relaxed ... unstable to be stable ... weak to be powerful ... Do limitless Good Deeds

Even doing those simple and basic actions can truly and genuinely be beneficial and thus you will experience even greater results and benefits.  Try to perfect your skills by practicing regularly and diligently.

I am still perfecting my teaching and explanation skill by continuously doing limitless good deeds, teaching and coaching regardless of my physical condition, whether I am feeling exhausted or sick or feel like resting.

Perfecting skill and achieving significant results from your hard work takes time.

Your teaching skill might never be improved if you keep on uttering created (worldly) topics and issues.

Your skill of doing good deeds will never be improved if you keep on doing created actions.

While carrying out your usual created actions, you should also try to explore into new and unknown territories like this.  
Since you still need to do your usual created actions and fulfil your created obligations, set aside some of your time to do more rewarding actions like this.  While doing those two actions concurrently, try to reduce the time which you set aside for your created actions (obligations) and gradually increase your time for original actions like this.

The side effect of created actions can be the deteriorating health.  It is because you focus your attention solely on your outside actions but totally neglect the health alarm of your body.

In other words, your mind habitually pays full attention only on created truth like method, time, place, who, whom, etc but fails to pay attention on your physical body.  In other words, you chase after the created truths without realising the happenings of your mind and the physical body.

Worldly actions are related to created truth.  The more you do created actions and the more you pay attention to created actions, the less you will pay attention to the happenings and changes of your body.  For example, you might fail to notice the temperature changes (hot and cold) and other not so obvious signs and alarms of your body till those small and minute problems become big, out of control and turn into serious problems.

Try to know the original truth by real practice, not by theory.
Get the definite answer by practice.
Prove by deeds, not by words.

If you follow my way and train your mind accordingly, your mind will stop depending on and focusing on the external created things, such as whether you have money or not, whether you are famous or not, whether you are educated or not, etc.

Once you do not allow your mind to pay so much attention to the words of the books and perceived qualifications, your mind will automatically be paying more attention to the physical body.

Once you abandon paying attention to the external issues, your mind will start to do its primary task of looking after the physical body.  As such, you will not encounter serious health problems and thus no longer need to seek medical treatments.

As long as you cut down your created actions and as much as you do your created actions as 'doing-only' without any attachment, you can keep on doing your usual and routine created actions without compromising your health.

If you do not have the mind power of 'abandoning' and focus your full attention on those created actions, you will surely experience unwanted side effects.

As far as speaking or talking is concerned, people tend to focus solely on the actions of 'speaking or talking' without considering when to talk or what to talk or how to approach as well as without giving any consideration on time, place and situation.  This typically is our nature of doing created actions.

As far as doing actions to earn money is concerned, people tend to focus solely on the actions of earning without considering other issues.

Hence, this is the proof that doing actions in habitual and traditional ways produce unfavourable side effects.

On one hand, you might achieve your objectives and fulfil your ambitions but on the other hand, you might also receive unexpected and unwanted side effects.

You might have what you aimed for but at the same time, you might also receive unwanted side effects as bonus.

For this reason, you need to develop the power of 'abandoning' in your mind.  Then only you will know how to do necessary actions only.  You will also achieve appropriate, relevant and favourable results.

To be continued

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