2 December 2015

The Bank of the Meritorious Deeds (The Parahita Kutho Bank)

The Bank of the Meritorious Deeds

‘Gain and accumulate merits
by investing in the Bank of the Meritorious Deeds.’

The activities of ThaBarWa Center in Thanlyin, Myanmar, are wide and various, serving the spiritual and physical needs of thousands of people from far and near.  It is a meditation and dhamma centre cum non-profit humanitarian organization working for a noble cause, propagating dhamma (Vipassana Insight meditation), advocating the spirit of helping, caring, assisting and protecting the needy, and cooperating with help providers from all over Myanmar and abroad.

With the aim of inspiring and cultivating greater interest in doing meritorious deeds in our society, one of ThaBarWa Centre’s noble activities, the first Bank of Meritorious Deeds (Parahita Kutho Bank) was inaugurated on 29th August, 2015 at Tang Stream, Nam Sang Township, Shan State.

The core inspiration of the Bank of Meritorious Deeds are:
  • to help and assist those who seek our help, regardless of time, place, situation and circumstances, and
  • to provide a conducive environment for those who are interested in doing meritorious deeds and helping others.  

The primary objectives of the Bank of Meritorious Deeds are :
  • to provide emergency assistance and response services for car accident victims, transportation accidents and other emergencies;
  • to assist individuals and families displaced by natural and man-made disasters and
  • to provide food, clothing, shelter, health care, education, aid, support and assistance to the poor and needy locals.

All emergency, disaster and humanitarian assistance rendered by the Bank of Meritorious Deeds is totally free, provided through the support, cooperation and generosity of the local authorities, uniformed services, hospitals, social welfare organisations, religious associations and generous donors from far and near.

Indeed, many generous local and foreign individual donors, associations and charitable organisations have been donating rice, oil, food items, medicines, clothing, household and other necessary items to ThaBarWa Centre, Thanlyin.  ThaBarWa will organise and distribute some of the donations to the genuinely needy people through its nearest Bank of Meritorious Deeds.

In order to provide timely assistance in crisis situations and to better serve the local community, the Banks will make systematic documentation of the current situations and requirements of the poor and needy locals.

Indeed, ThaBarWa Centre and the Bank of the Meritorious Deeds are the most conducive places where :
  • you can seek help and assistance at any time.
  • you can come forward to render help and assistance.
  • you can take what is necessary for you.
  • you can lend a helping hand to someone in need.
  • you can show your very best of compassion, humanity and spirit of giving.

Any help and assistance that you can provide would be gratefully received and put to the greatest use.

‘Gain and accumulate merits by investing in the Bank of the Meritorious Deeds.’

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