2 April 2014

QA and Dhamma Discussion with Japanese Yogi on 31st October 2013

Teaching of ThaBarWa Sayadaw U Ottamasara
Question and Answer and Dhamma Discussion
with Japanese Yogi
at ThaBarWa Centre (45th Street)
31st October 2013

Desire ... desire to see, to eat, to listen ... you must not obey that desire. You can see, you can eat, but you must do against that desire. You must do without desire. You must abandon your desire. Doing with desire is wrong. Whatever we do is done with desire. We accept desire, that's why desire always makes our mind busy, wrong ... because of desire.

Question  :  What about our dream to accomplish ... for example I wish Sayadaw comes to teach in Japan ... so this is ok? No need to let go?
Sayadaw  :  You can do like this but you must try to abandon that wish.  Doing with desire or doing with wish is not right action. Doing-only is right. The real meditation is practicing-only.  Practicing with desire is not following the middle way.

Most of meditators (yogis) are practicing with desire. They don't understand that all desires and wishes are to be abandoned. They don’t know like this. This is why they use desire, use wishes in whatever they do. The real meditation, the real middle way is trying to be doing-only, without desire, without attachment. Desire is attachment. 

Your wish is that Japanese people know the teaching but normally whatever you do is with desire, you accept this desire ... this is not the best way. The best thing that you can do is trying to abandon the desire.  It is like trying to be educated.  Every student will try to be the best one but not everyone can be the best one.  Only the few of them can be. Everybody work but only few people can get good earning.

So using desire is not useful. The surest way is trying to abandon the desire. If you are able to abandon desire, this power is very powerful and because of this power your dream will surely become true.

It is possible to be able to do like this. You must try not to do unnecessary things.  Not to think unnecessary thinking.  Not to make unnecessary actions. In this way, you will be able to control your physical, oral and mental actions. You must try not to copy other people. We are always copying other people.  This is why our qualities are not much different from each other.

If we can abandon doing like this there will be special power which is perfect, complete. Because of this power everything will be easy. When I help many poor people, old age people, yogis, I use this power. When I use desire as "I want to help people", I cannot do like this; this desire is not very powerful.

Because of right practice I tried to abandon all oral, physical and mental actions; I tried to abandon living beings and non-living beings, to abandon all things and in this way abandoning power became complete. This power is very powerful, very useful. It can fulfil not only my desire but also the desire of other people.

All our actions are controlled by desire. This is why it is necessary to do against that desire. Not to look at everyone, not to think about everything, not to worry about the future. It is possible, this is mind habit. It is possible to abandon all mind habits. In this way you will be able to control your mind.

Meditation is simple, everybody can follow.  Not only meditators, everybody can understand like this but you must practice, you must make alive your understanding. In this way your life will change.

If Japanese people can apply this understanding and do good deeds there will be no mind problem. Very effective way. I am teaching many people in this country and many foreigners also. Later, more and more people will accept my teaching and try to follow and in this way believe more and more.

Try to abandon everything, every person and in this way you are changing the mind power. But your desire, your wish is necessary for your country. It is necessary for Japanese people to understand like that and practice like this, to use the right understanding.

Only changing the understanding. If you change your understanding, your action will automatically change. My intention is also to do like that. I went to Singapore and Malaysia for 4 years in the past. That’s why I can feel the mind of Singaporean. Japanese mind is also like this.

I know how to do. My desire is to help them. I want the Singaporean and Japanese people to be free from mind problems. For your country education is not necessary; to hear, to listen to the teaching and to practice is necessary. For our country, there are a lot of poor people so education is necessary.  Beside they must also meditate. If they don’t meditate, when they get rich there will be mind problem.

Question  :  About how to help Japanese to understand.
Sayadaw  :  You know, you understand what is necessary.  That’s why what you can do is just to abandon all desire except that desire. If you cannot abandon other desires you must work many other unnecessary works. If you can abandon, your mind will be clear and in this way it will be more and easier to achieve. Other things are not necessary

Here in our country, because there are a lot of monks, a lot of Buddha’s teaching there is less mind problems despite there are lot of poor people.

Question  :  About education in the west and Japan to cultivate the desire, so how to convince someone to change the desire to abandoning? (What benefit they would get as they know only benefit and pleasure).
Sayadaw  :  You are one of the people. Everyone should change his own habit. We use our habit, we do what we want to do. This is the habit of everyone. I am one of the people as you are. So you must try to change yourself. In this way the habit will spread to other people and this will solve the problems.  Problems can be solved only by this way.

Mistake is also spreading from one to another. Right practice or following the middle way must stop to spread mistake from one person to another one. You are responsible for yourself.  So you must try to change yourself. If you are dutiful to yourself you can help other people. In this way we all must try to be dutiful to ourselves. The same way we have to work to be able to stand on our own feet.  We also must try.  We are responsible to abandon our own habit. We are responsible to abandon our own actions. In this way.

There are two opposite practices : doing and abandoning. If more and more people are following the abandoning way, others will also automatically follow to abandon. In this way, everyone can be complete. Don’t think about others. Just think about yourself. The problem is only concerning yourself, to change yourself. So also other need to change by themselves.

Question  :  But they need an example..
Sayadaw  :  Now I also try to change myself  and I help other people to follow this way. You are also one of the yogis trying to follow this way. If you think about other it will be difficult. Just stop your habit. You have a lot of habit in yourself. Try to abandon all habit.  Try to follow the middle way. In that way that action will spread to other mind, to other people and in this way other people will also follow this way. This is the only way.  No choice.  You have to be like this. It really works.

Doing or not doing is not important.  Happening or not is not important.  Knowing or not is not important. Only to have abandoning power is important. If there is  abandoning power, doing or not is not important. Knowing or not is not important.  Whatever happens to you is not important. Without abandoning power it is important, doing or not is important, knowing or not is important.

Because there is no abandoning power. If there is abandoning power it will be easy but not for oneself, for others. I work for others. Because of abandoning power, easy or not is not important, life or death is not important, young or old, male or female ... if there is no abandoning power you have to depend on yourself; when you are young is ok , if you are healthy also ok if you are not it is not ok. The same for everyone, just solve your own problem it is working for others.

If you do against your desire, there is a lot of desire, whenever it appears, in this way there will be less and less desire and you will be able to abandon your desire. Abandoning power is very useful.

Question  :  So actually you abandon your desire in order to accomplish your wishes.
Sayadaw  :  Yes, if you can abandon your desire, it is very sure you will be able to accomplish your which. Desire is very easy, so many, but nothing happens.
Desire is the sign incompleteness; if there is desire, it means the mind is not complete; if there is no desire the mind is complete. There is desire because you cannot do. If  your mind is complete there will be no desire. Desire is disease of mind. If there is no disease the mind have power, if there is disease, no power.

Now you are using the understanding, it is possible to follow the middle way. What you should try at the present time is to follow the middle way. Not rejecting, not attaching, to use-only, to experience-only, this is the middle way. Using the created truth without attachment, using-only. All the created truths are to use-only, to do-only, to experience-only. If you don't understand like this you cannot follow the middle way and you cannot understand it is possible. I also practice like this and I share the practice.

Question  :  I am one of the persons who is so much impressed by you so if I do also like you I can help other people.
Sayadaw  :  The same. Over ten years ago, in this country I am teaching the meditation practice. You try to go beyond the followers. A lot of mediators practice just as followers. You should try. There are a lot of yogis in this country, but their understanding is just like other people, like followers.

Their good deeds are also like others and they cannot go beyond tradition. I had to try to go beyond tradition so you also have to try to do like this, to use the right understanding, in your daily life, in practicing meditation, in doing good deeds. If you can change your mind, you can work for all. So also  many people are impressed by my teaching. They want to change from tradition.

Question  :  A lot of Vipassana meditators in Japan they are not comfortable with outside people and so don't spread their knowledge. I agree with you about how should practice.
Sayadaw  :  If you can follow the middle way you can help whoever is concerning with you, because for nearly everybody it is necessary to understand like this and to be able to practice like this.

Because of meeting with you I will think about Japanese people, so that they will get not opposite understanding. It is possible to have the same understanding. I am specialised in this work, to change the understanding.

I have been working for about ten years. Here in this country many different understandings, so I try to balance everyone. Here in our centre a lot of different people can stay together and work together because the understanding is not like others.

Question  :  I have been very impressed  when I visited your centre last month to see these sick people so peaceful it made me reflect a lot about why.
Sayadaw  :  Most of the yogis in the centre can detach from the situation, this is the reason. Over 100 people died in our centre in the last four years.

End of the teaching.