28 September 2012

Thabarwa Centre - Part 2

About Thabarwa Centre
(Part - 2)

The Natural Vihara Of Natural Law At Thabarwa
Thabarwa is a sanctuary where it is encompassed with morally wholesome merit making.

It is where many sermons on truth (sacca)  are continuously delivered.   

Thabarwa is where the infirm, the invalid, the old, the sufferers, the yogis continuously seek inner peace of mind through insight meditation (Vipassana).

It is where all types of medicines (western and indigenous) and Dhamma sermons, medical science and technology, medical practitioners,  all types of scholars and intellectuals, continually practice virtues of merit and morality.

It is where solutions and answers are contemplated and discovered on many unsolvable complex mundane matters, even extended into the most intricate, sensitive and delicate ones by means of charity (dana), morality (sila), and contemplation (bhavana).

What You Must Observe At Thabarwa

You must know the truth. You must amend the wrong.

You must be free from grasping, craving, attachment.

You must dare to renounce craving.

You must not grasp at anything due to what is happening.

You must not waver by saying that we are worldly beings. In the ups and downs of life we will meet the good, the bad and the ugly. You should not find such excuse to grasp at craving.

You must endeavour to strive for complete fulfillment for the benefit of mankind.