16 January 2018

The Dhamma Hospital

In 2012, Sayadaw Ottamathara had the idea to built a Dhamma Hospital to provide a place for patients, yogis and meditators so everybody can practice meditation, have a peaceful mind and a healthy body. It is a safe place suitable for all to get a better understanding of the benefits of meditation and doing good deeds. All around the world, doctors and scientist are researching these benefits in healing and/or preventing physical and mental afflictions. Meditation is the unique way to truly heal and/or change your mind to fulfill your desire to return to good health more quickly. Since the opening ceremony in May 2017, the Dhamma Hospital offers refuge to 400 yogis/patients to be cared for by locals and Burmese (students) nurses.

Here is a recording of Sayadaw Ottamathara explaining what is the Dhamma Hospital: Audio

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