4 January 2018

Doing What We Cannot Do : Guided Meditation

Keep our head and body upright. Lift the weight of our body, hands and legs. Don’t push your body down on the ground. 

Close the eyes gently, relax the whole body and mind. Try to adjust each of our action to be natural without force, without paying attention. Doing intentionally is not natural. We should try to meditate as a seasoned meditator; we should be a professional meditator. 

Because meditation and doing good deeds are good actions. By doing good actions we should abandon doing bad things. Whenever we do good deeds we should do our best; we should try hard. In this way our ability to do good deeds will be stronger and stronger. 

We shouldn’t do good deeds and practicing meditation half heartedly, we should do it seriously. When we do good deeds, we should ignore other actions and we should pay hundred per cent attention in our action of doing good deeds.

Keep our head and body upright. But not like soldiers. Try to be acting naturally. 

In order to detach from the things outside, focus on our normal breath. We must not do what we used to do. Try to do what we cannot do. Try to be mindful without our own habits. Try to be doing-only, without attachment. 

Be careful not to think about the past or to dream about the future. Be mindful of the present happening of our body and mind at the present moment. Just use the present moment. 

We are able to use this life, this year, this month, this day, this hour, this minute, this second. The time that we understand has limits. The present moment has no limits. We cannot grasp the present moment as this time or that time. Try To use the present moment. Try to be one with the present moment. We can understand the Truth only at the present moment. 

The Truth, Impermanent Nature is beyond limits. Something has limits, someone has limits. The Truth, Impermanent Nature has no limits, which is permanent. 

There are two permanent truths, one is Impermanent Nature and the other is Permanent Nature. Both, Impermanent and Permanent Nature are beyond time and place. 

The time and place that we know have limits. Our life has limits. We all must die when the limits come to the end. 

Our intelligence has limits. We cannot understand everything. We are using the limited ability, we cannot do everything. 

The practice of meditation and doing good deeds is to be free from limits. We all must go beyond limits.  Present moment lasts a very short time. No one creates that moment. 

Let go off thinking. Let go off moving. Try to sit still. Stop thinking about doing something. Try to accept doing-only and try hard as much as you can; don’t give up. We should give up doing something. We should give up using the idea of someone. 

Meditation or the practice of mindfulness is to do in all opposites situations such as young or old, healthy or sick, male or female, having desire to do or not, being able to do or not. We must be able to use all conditions, good or bad, to do good deeds and to meditate. 

Continuous practice of doing what we cannot do is the key to get success. In this way we are changing our ability. We must change our action and in this way we can change our life. We must change our view. Because we are not perfect we need to change. No one is perfect except Buddha this is why we all need to change; change our view, our action, our life, our ability. 

Doing what we can do is not changing ourselves. Now we all are trying to do what we cannot do. Normally we cannot lose our belongings, our life, and our habits. 

Giving our life, our belongings for the benefit of other people is necessary. Doing what we cannot do can cause superpower which can enable to do what we cannot do. Same cause, same effect. If we do what we can do, we will be able to do only what we can do.  If we do what we cannot do, we will be able to do what we cannot do.

The Truth is beyond our understanding. In order to know what we cannot understand we should do what we cannot do. Most o
f the meditators are practicing just as they can do that is why they are just meditators, just followers. To be a leader we should do what we cannot do. We should change our ability.

End of the teaching.

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