19 February 2016

We Welcome Donors for basic and the most essential healthcare items

We Welcome Donors
for basic and the most essential
hygiene and healthcare items

ThaBarWa Center (in Thanlyin, Myanmar), founded by Venerable Ashin Ottamasara is a non-profit humanitarian organisation working for a noble cause.  It is an ideal place for learning and practicing meditation as well as for helping others who have physical and mental limitations and difficulties.

Our center opens round-the-clock, 24 hours a day, seven days a week without recess, taking care of everybody, regardless of age, race and religion, who cannot support themselves and survive on their own due to various reasons.

The current population of our centre is more than 2,500 including the old, the needy, the disables, the infirm, the blind, the deaf, homeless, helpless, psychiatric and mental cases, as well as chronically and terminally ill persons.

Expertise, skills, healthcare and daily essential items are urgently needed at Thabarwa Center, for the ever increasing number of people seeking refuge at our main branch in Thanlyin, Yangon.

Currently, we are facing extreme shortage of the following daily essential healthcare items at our main branch in Thanlyin, Myanmar.  
- washing powders 
- adult diapers 
- bleach disinfectant
- dettol disinfectant 
- floor and toilet disinfectant solutions
- hand sanitisers 
- Disinfectant Wipes (baby wipes)
- disposable sterile dressing set
- sterile gauze
- self adhesive plasters and bandages
- 3CC and 20CC disposable syringe 
- medicated powder for bed sores.

Contributions and expertise from anybody is warmly welcomed as we are struggling to fulfill the very basic healthcare needs and requirements.

Thank you.

Thanlyin Centre (Main Centre)
ThanLyin Pagoda Hill
(Between Kyite Khauk Pagoda and East Yangon University)
Thanlyin, Yangon
Myanmar (Burma)
mobile : 95-9972743022,

Sayalay Khema Cari
mobile : 95-9250047330
email :dawkhema@gmail.com

Soe Win Htut
mobile : 95-973074192
email :soewinhtut1977@gmail.com

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