27 January 2016

Empirical Learning in Buddhism and Truth

Empirical Learning in
Buddhism and Truth

Tharbawa Dhamma Centre in Thanlyin, Myanmar would like to share the following announcement:

Experiential Learning in Buddhism and Truth
Date                             :      7th to 16th February 2016  
Topic                           :      Experiential Learning in Buddhism and Truth
Meditation type      :      Insight meditation and loving kindness meditation
Duration                    :      8 days retreat
Course Leader         :      Sayalay Cala (ITBMU)

Monthly Meditation Retreats
Date                             :      1st to 7th of every month
Duration                    :      7 days retreat
Venue                         :      ThaBarWa Meditation Centre,
                                             Shwe Chaung (Pyin Oo Lwin),

Daily Meditation and Doing Good Deeds
There are couple of activities which you can participate on daily basis at Thabarwa Dhamma Centre.  These include :
1)  Guided Insight Meditation Sessions
2)  Buddhism Class
3)  Dhamma Discussion and QA Sessions
4)  Opportunities to do a self-retreat
5)  Plenty of opportunities to do limitless good deeds.

For details information about our centre and to contact us, please kindly refer to our various websites and facebook pages.

Thank you for your kind interests.

Sayalay Khema Cari
ThaBarWa Dhamma Center
Thanlyin, Yangon
+95 9 250047330

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