15 November 2015

Part Seven : QA and Dhamma Discussion (USA)

Question and Answer and Dhamma Discussion 
with Overseas Disciple from USA 
(Part VII)

QUESTION  :  Do you mean to say that we need to practice meditation with the understanding of 'abandoning' in our mind?  Kindly explain please ...

Sayadaw  :  Yes.  You need to practice meditation with this right understanding called 'abandoning' in your mind.  If you carry out your habitual created actions such as concentration and contemplation without the right understanding, 'abandoning', in your mind, you will forever be doing endless of concentrations, contemplation and thus sooner or later you will develop huge grasping on these actions.

If you develop grasping on your action 'concentration', you will always be doing concentration while meditating.

If you develop grasping on your action 'contemplation', you will always be doing contemplation while meditating.

As long as you have the right understanding, 'abandoning', in your mind, your mind will gradually be able to abandon all your created actions.

You need to have the right direction and objective.  If you have wrong objective called 'doing' in your mind, you might need to do endless of 'doings'.

Do not utter vile and indecent speech,
because you will suffer the same reaction.

My meaning of 'abandoning all your actions' does not specify particularly on your actions of doing or not doing.  It also does not mean that you have to stay without doing anything or stay idle.

Not doing any physical actions or staying idle does not necessarily mean that you are not doing anything or any actions in your mind. 

Keeping mum without saying anything or keeping quiet without talking does not necessarily mean that you are not doing anything or any actions in your mind.

I am not teaching people to 'leave their mind as it is'.  My teaching does not mean that.  Doing this action also show that you are still doing some habitual created actions on purpose.  Hence, it is not 'abandoning'.

The crucial point here is that you need to place central emphasis on 'abandoning' in your mind at all times ... be it doing something or doing nothing.  By doing so, you will be able to abandon your actions of doing this or that, not doing anything or staying idle, etc ... and be able to do all your actions by using 'abandoning power' of your mind.

You can also be able to abandon your actions of saying this or that, keeping quiet, not saying anything, etc.  By doing so, you will be able to say only what is deemed necessary.  You will also be able to abstain from saying unnecessary things. You will realise immediately when you accidentally utter wrong things.  You will automatically know how to say the truth nothing but the truth.

In this mundane universe, there is no one
free from praise or blame in the past, in the present or in the future.

If you do not train your mind in this way, your perception of 'the rights' and 'the wrongs' will forever be the same as other people ... saying this is right or wrong, doing this is right or wrong, etc, which are merely the perceived created rights and wrongs which everybody knows.

Knowing and recognizing the letter 'A' as 'A' is merely the created understanding but not the right understanding.  This is the reason why it is very very important for you to understand and continuously practice 'abandoning' in your mind.

Prior to discovering more complete and exhaustive understanding called the mind power of 'abandoning', I used to teach 'doing-only' in the past.  This is way before discovering more comprehensive and effective current approach called  doing all our actions with the power of 'abandoning' in our mind.

In order to acquire 'doing-only', you need to do all your actions with the power of 'abandoning' in your mind. 

If your understanding is halted (stopped) only at superficial 'doing-only' without the knowledge and power of 'abandoning' in your mind, due to this superficial knowledge, you might still be doing your perceived created actions such as eating-only, working-only, talking-only, etc, just because you do not really know how to differentiate between necessary and not necessary, original action and created action.

What I taught in the past was the past method.  Since I have discovered more exhaustive and effective way of teaching, I now do not place central emphasis on the methods but only on the power of 'abandoning' in my mind as well as the ability in utilizing more powerful abandoning power while teaching.

Do with detachment ... Abandon towards completeness

The reason why I do not place central emphasis on the method is, by doing so, you will merely be able to amplify the power of 'doing', like, practicing this and that.

The prime importance here is to develop the mind power which can 'abandon' all the physical, oral and mental actions from one's mind.  By doing so, you will be able to use your body and mind with that important understanding of 'using-only'.

Try not to dogmatically hold on to your habitual created understandings.  Build up your courage and ability in trying out new and more complete methods.

With regards to my past teachings and methods ... you may and you can use them if you wish to, but try not to dogmatically grasp them in your mind.  You should also try to switch to my more effective and exhaustive methods as and when they come along. 

This logic is somewhat similar to using modern technologies and gadgets.  You might need to switch to the latest technologies and use the latest gadgets if necessary.  Along the way, you will gradually stop using old technologies and also discard your old gadgets.

Likewise, you should try to apply more complete and conclusive understandings while learning and training yourself to reach to 'use-only', 'do-only', etc level.

Grief and worry can bring futility in life.
It will not bring peace of mind but increase suffering.

I am fully aware that acquiring this level of understanding is very difficult.  It can even be more difficult to apply them.

Though my method is difficult, you will definitely be able to experience obvious outcomes and results if you put in your best effort and try it out.  Your effort will gradually be paid off.  It is worth trying and facing difficulties.

In contrast, our day to day problems and difficulties of life are not real.  They can be considered as created problems and difficulties.  Hence, it is not worth experiencing them. 

Attempting to change mindset according to my teachings can truly be difficult but worth facing the challenges and try them out.  Worth the try because the outcome can really be great and valuable compare to the efforts that you have invested in.  In other words, the benefits can truly be far greater than the efforts that you have invested in.

The efforts that you have invested in and the troubles that you had endured while learning will eventually be overshadowed by the unimaginable outcome, massive result and immense wisdom that you will be attaining.

One crucial point here is that you definitely need to put in your utmost effort and practice diligently in order to attain above mentioned wisdom, virtues and qualities.

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