17 November 2015

Part Eight : QA and Dhamma Discussion (USA)

Question and Answer and Dhamma Discussion 
with Overseas Disciple from USA 
(Part VIII)

Not feeling well or failing health is an alarm or the warning that your habitual created actions are causing danger to your health and body.  You can definitely be able to detect your body's health alarm if you keep on practicing dhamma diligently.

As long as you have the mind power called 'abandoning', it does not really matter if you still carry out your routine actions because you will know how to do them as 'doing-only'.  You can do your actions such as working, doing, talking, etc as your routine actions without paying central emphasis on whether going or not, reaching to the destination or not, being successful or not, being alive or death, healthy or sick, etc in your mind.  If you have the ability of doing those actions as 'doing-only', you will not be experiencing any side-effects from those actions.

Since you cannot do those actions as they are supposed to and since you do those actions in your habitual way, you will surely be confronted with unwanted side-effects such as sickness, disease, health problems, mental problems, etc.

If you do 'cause', you will get 'effect' in equal strength.  If you change the 'cause', the 'effect' will automatically be changed.

A good example can be the health issues .... though you try to cure your sickness by using all your means, there is no guarantee whether your sickness can be cured and your health will definitely be back on track.  There are so many evidences to proof this concept.

Another way to look at this dreadful circumstances is .... when you are sick or when your health is failing, though you cannot do other routine actions like healthy people, you can still be able to practice meditation and contemplate on dhamma since these actions are not physically demanding.  Instead of feeling down and out, you can best make use of these unfortunate situation to change your mindset and lifestyle in order to obtain the best possible benefits.

It does not matter how you get yourself back on the track but the most important point here is to get yourself back on the track ... the dhamma path .... one and only Magga path ... the Noble Eightfold Path ... the Middle Way (majjhimā paipadā) ... this should be the most important objective of your life.

Strength depends on "unity", not on "quantity".
Doing only is doing with detachment.

If you are successful in your endeavours and if you are enjoying smooth sailing life, it might be unimaginably difficult for you to abandon what you are enjoying and switch to Magga path.

In reality and in my point of view, it is not really matter how successful you are, how rich you are or how smooth sailing your life can be.  In contrast, it is much much more important for you to be able to walk on the right path ... one and only Magga path successfully.

When your health is failing, if you have traditional mindset or if you are in different religious belief, you might probably resort to the medicines and medical treatments to solve your failing health problem ... or you might probably submit yourself to your ill fate and accept yourself as a sick person.  Hence, you might not have chance to learn and understand dhamma in a right way.

Since you are given a chance to be in acquaintance with the teachings of Lord Buddha, being in failing health condition or being unhealthy can also be considered as a good chance and opportunity to learn and understand dhamma in a right way.

When you are not healthy, you might not be able to do your routine actions in the same manner as your healthy days.  Whether you are in good health or not, you will surely have countless of created actions which you want to do. 

By nature, human being always have desire and preference to do usual and routine actions.  No matter how busy you are, you still need to set aside some of your time do the actions which are deemed necessary for you to do.  This include practicing meditation and listening to dhamma teachings.

Due to current global economy, high cost of living, high tech and knowledge era, everyone in the family needs to work hard to maintain a decent standard of living, to keep pace with others in terms of knowledge and technology, to learn the highest education at the best institutions, to maintain solid bank account, etc ... and at the same time, you still need to prevent yourself from falling victim to the side effects of these actions.  

Place more emphasis to what you do rather than who is it.

You need to take the signs of these side effects as warning signs and thus learn to take the warnings seriously.  The side effects might not be so dreadful if you know how to solve them with dhamma.  The side effects might become out of control if you ignore the warning signs and still keep on placing central emphasis on created truths such as win or lose, right or wrong, I and you, etc.

The failing or deteriorating health can be considered as an announcement from the body.  The body is telling you that 'if you do this action, you will receive that result'.  Such announcement from the body is far more accurate than the doctor's diagnosis.

Due to the demand from the society, though your health is failing, you are not granted any permission to be discharged from your obligations.  As such, you have no choice but to use all your means and capacity to get your sickness cured as soon as possible so that you can be back on track in shortest possible time.

Solving health problems in this way might not give you definite results and will not give you specific and accurate outcome.  You might probable have to endure the side effects of the medicines and the treatments on top of your sickness.

If you choose to resort to medicines and treatments, you might not gain merits out of this dreadful situation because you still do not have any chance to do good deeds.  Instead, due to the sickness, you might probable accumulate bad kamma and therefore your health condition might become more serious.

The meaning of one 'understands dhamma' or 'acquires insight wisdom' is one attains understanding and realisation of the Law of Cause and Effect.

This understanding is useful and handy even when you are old and sick.  As long as you attain right understanding, this right understanding will forever be useful and helpful.

Place more emphasis on conditions rather than the results.

In typical created point of view, you need to be young and healthy in order to work hard and achieve your ambitions. You are useful and valuable only when you are young and healthy.  Once you are no longer young and healthy, you become useless and worthless in society's point of view.

So long as you understand dhamma and attain insight wisdom, no matter which condition you are in, you will always be useful and valuable.  As long as people know the value and how to appreciate this particular value, you will always be useful. 

If you still dogmatically hold on to your created values, you might probably perceive this value as useless.

Since you are somewhat familiar with dhamma, it might not be difficult for you to practice dhamma successfully.  Things will become easier if you practice dhamma regularly.

For those who are neither familiar nor in touch with dhamma might probably perceive understanding dhamma and attaining insight wisdom as impossible or way beyond their imagination.  Hence, they might probable spend their entire life by working endlessly, earning money endlessly, seeking medical treatments endlessly, studying endlessly, etc.

If you choose to do only what is deemed necessary, you definitely do not need to worry about any side effects later on. 

For my case, I was given this priceless opportunities to be in acquaintance with dhamma, embrace myself with dhamma and carry out dhamma duta duties, etc at young age. 

Should I continue doing created actions like I was in the past, I might probably be surrounded by endless of problems and issues related to business, social, health, etc like many other in the world.

You should strive to practice till there is no more need to practice and you become absolutely free from desire.

Since I was given this golden opportunity, I successfully grasp this golden opportunity and try my utmost best in making use of this golden opportunity as much as possible.

By doing so, I also have chance and opportunities to help other to become like me, which I think is very very important and valuable.

To be continued

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