12 September 2014

Appearing and Disappearing Nature

Appearing and Disappearing Nature

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The more we are mindful of our body the more we will be able to know that our body is nothing but the combination of four Elements. In our body we must be able to know the energies of the four Elements, which are hardness and softness, cohesion and liquidity, movement and stillness, coldness and hotness. 

If we are feeling well, the energy of softness might be evident.  If we are feeling pain, the energy of hardness or tightness might be evident. One of these energies might be evident for a moment. These energies and powers are not something, not someone. They appear from nowhere and disappear to nowhere.

These energies or powers appear and disappear within a very short period of time. They didn’t exist before the present moment and won’t exist beyond the present moment.  There is no one who creates these energies or powers. These energies or powers are happening every moment. Though they are connected to each other, they are not the same. In fact, these are the powers and energies of Original Impermanent Nature.

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The aim of mindfulness is to be aware of the power or energies of the Original Impermanent Nature.  These powers and energies are appearing and disappearing continuously. The more we know about ourselves, the more we will be able to abandon the wrong view of something or someone, “me” or “mine,” misunderstanding these powers and energies as something.

When we know the movement of the body we will misunderstand that “I am moving.” When we know hotness we will misunderstand, “ I am hot.”  When we know bad feelings we will misunderstand that “I am feeling bad.” When we recognize something, we will misunderstand as, “I remember it.” If there is desire for doing something, we will misunderstand as, “I want to do something.” If consciousness or awareness appears in us we will misunderstand, “I know it.” The idea of “me” or “you,” “male” or “female” are rooted in our heart or our mind.

Because of attachment to the wrong view we cannot understand beyond this and that, something or someone. We must be mindful to ourselves and then we must be able to know the power and energies of the Original Impermanent Nature. We need to listen to the Dhamma talk and to Buddha’s teaching in order to be able to detach from the usual wrong view.

#kamma #karma #compassion #lovingkindness #sympatheticjoy #thabarwa #Meditation #yangon #myanmar #engagedbuddhism #conciousness #awareness #metta

To know about meditation we must meditate. To know about keeping the precepts we must keep precepts. To know about good deeds we must do good deeds, but we must be careful to be using-only, doing-only, experiencing-only and knowing-only, not to reject nor to be attached. 

There might be understanding or not understanding about my teaching, or about the practice. If there is understanding, try to detach from that understating. If there is no understanding, try to detach from that not understanding. To be able to detach from something we must  abandon our habit of paying attention to something.

This article is an excerpt from the book “The Practice of Detachment”
by ThaBarWa Sayadaw U Ottamasara.