2 May 2014

Dhamma Discussion with Korean Yogi at ThanLyin ThaBarWa Centre (Last Part)

Teaching of ThaBarWa Sayadaw U Ottamasara

Question and Answer and Dhamma Discussion
with Korean Yogi
at ThaBarWa Centre (Thanlyin)
18th October 2012

Last Part 

Korean Yogi  :  The next question ... what is the most important value in life.  If you can say there is the most important value in life, what will it be?

Sayadaw  :  The most precious and valuable thing in life for me is samma ditthi (Right View), which includes the right knowledge and the right understanding. 

As long as you have right understanding in mind, you can be able to carry out all your actions and endeavours correctly, precisely and accurately.  You will also be able to talk and utter constructive, accurate, precise, beneficial and right things.

The most important off all is the right knowledge.  As long as you have right knowledge in mind at all times, all your actions and endeavours will become right and constructive, your speech (words) will become accurate, effective and valuable.

Therefore, in order to attain and develop priceless and right knowledge in your mind, it is necessary for you to carry out constructive, worthwhile and good deeds diligently, continuously and to your utmost best without distinguishing (differentiating) whether they are for your own goods or other, for your own benefits or for others, whether they are your responsibilities or others, your problems or others, etc.

There is an urgent and immediate need to address to this crucial issue.  As such, ThaBarWa Centre is established principally to solve and address to this ... the most crucial and the most important problem and issue of us and our everyday life.  

As for ThaBarWa Centre, we are fulfilling the most crucial needs continually, persistently, dedicatedly, one by one, fulfilling the requirements of the multitude and the world round-the-clock without attachment and craving such as: oh it is the world, oh it is the worldly people, oh it is for self benefit, oh it is for general benefit, oh it is for the lokadhamma good and bad.

At ThaBarWa Centre, we also train the yogis to enhance the power for renunciation, the power for sacrifice, the power for true understanding, and the power for performing good deeds (kusala).

At the same time, we are also trying our utmost best in spreading and instigating right knowledge and understanding in the mind of the majority people.

Korean Yogi  :  This is the last question.  What is the biggest problem of ThaBarWa Centre these days and if possible, what kind of support from our side is the most needed in this centre?

Sayadaw  :  If you are talking about problems, depending on the time and circumstances, we no choice but to face and solve them, stage by stage, step by step, along the way.

As for ThaBarWa Centre, during the initial phase, we faced and overcome countless of difficulties, problems and obstacles for our long-term sustainability and resiliency.  We also faced and solved insufficient and shortage of food and nutrition.  We had somehow solved and overcame the shortage of labour and volunteers to do chores and to look after the yogis, the olds and the infirm.  The labour shortage is somehow improved compare to the past and it is no longer a big issue and problem for us now. 

Currently we are facing and confronting with the biggest problem and headache off all, even compare to the past problems, difficulties and issues ... the insufficient and shortage of accommodation ... the buildings and the hostels to accommodate the ever growing numbers of yogis, the olds and the infirm.

In the past, no so many people knew and interested in our ThaBarWa Centre.  People are not so willing to practice Insight Meditation and thus they did not know how to turn to dhamma and meditation to solve their problems.  Thus, the accommodation had never been a problem to us in the past. 

In contrast, present day people have more interests and are more willing to depend on and turn to dhamma and meditation to solve their problems and also more willing to do good deeds.  Due to this growing interests, the shortage of accommodation has been our biggest headache and problem now.

In order to solve this problem, I have been fulfilling and doing good deeds (cause) which includes continuously solving the living and accommodation difficulties of people.  Hence, I believe that, our current biggest problem, shortage of accommodation will eventually be eased off and solved as time goes by.

In life there is such thing called 'problem'.  In the same way, there is a root cause which generates (creates) the problem and on the other hand, there is also an options to solve the problem.  If you do not do the good cause which can help you solve the problem, the problem will always be remained as a problem.

As for me, I have the good understanding of the root cause of the problem.  At the same time, I also know the ways and options to solve and overcome all sorts of problems and difficulties.  I am fulfilling my obligations according to my understanding.

Like the other problems and difficulties which I had solved and overcome in the past, the current biggest problem, shortage of accommodation, insufficient supply of buildings and hostels (due to the ever increasing and growing number of people seeking refuge at ThaBarWa against the very limited fund and resources to build those buildings and hostels) will eventually be solved and eased off as time goes by.

If I have not been doing any good cause and fulfilling my obligations, the people and organisation who are helping and assisting me will not be able to solve the problems efficiently and effectively.
On the other hand, if the individuals and organisations from far and near who are interested in to do good deeds combine their efforts and resources with our merits gained from doing limitless good deeds, no matter how big and how difficult the problems and difficulties are, they will eventually be solved.

Last but not least, the biggest problem still remained to be solved is 'the problem of not understanding dhamma'.  Like any other problems which I had mentioned before, once you understand the law of cause and effect, the perceived biggest and the most difficult problem of not understanding dhamma and doing unlimited good deeds will eventually be solved.

In order to help other understand dhamma and doing unlimited good deeds, no matter how busy I am, I always make my best effort and explaining and teaching dhamma to the yogis and disciples.

Likewise, if all the yogis and disciples put their best effort in understanding dhamma and also doing good deeds, in future, there will no longer be any problems which cannot be solved.  In this way, all the problems and issues will eventually be solved as time goes by.

The end.

Video and interview by ... Korean Yogi
Translated by ... ThaBarWa Centre's Translation Team
Edited by ... Soe Win Htut

Note  :  This translation work has neither been read nor edited by the speakers.  Any mistakes and mistranslations in this project are solely the oversight and incompetency of the translator.  Our sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused.