27 February 2014

Interview with Danish Yogi in Hpa An, 16th April 2013 (Part - 3)

Interview with Danish Yogi in Hpa An
16th April 2013
(Part – 3)

Q : I cannot meditate very well yet because I still don’t know what to focus on?
Sayadaw  :  The problem is that there is attachment to something. So you can focus on that right understanding.  You need something because of attachment to something. You need someone, especially you, because of attachment to someone. 
If you can detach yourself, you will not need yourself, not need something. In this way, it is perfection. No need of something or of someone. When you meditate, just focus on the right understanding.  
You are used to place central emphasis on something or someone, this is why there is attachment to something and someone and thus it is necessary for you to have something to focus on. That habit should also be abandoned. 
Just change the traditional habit of your mind. Just think about the right understanding. Just listen to Buddha’s teachings or my teachings with detachment. Don’t forget my teachings and in this way you will be able to detach from something or someone. 
You will not think about yourself too much. It is not only your habit.  This is everyone’s habit.  This is why everyone must abandon this habit.
Q : I think it will take me long time to understand ... is there a shortcut?
Sayadaw  :  My teaching is not only a teaching but it is combined with my actions of detachment. Although I am establishing different center one after another, the base is different from other centers. With the time, the difference between my centre and other traditional centre will be more and more obvious. The weakness of other centers is that there is attachment to something. In order to solve that problem I made my centre like this.  
I have been teaching for over 5 years before making (establishing) my own meditation centre. At that time it was difficult for the yogis to follow my way because they came and listen to my teachings in the dhamma hall but they could not live with me.  So they came to listen to my teachings day after day, and follow me from house to house where I was teaching but as they are staying at other meditation centres their mind was influenced by the tradition.  So I decided to do my own meditation centre.
And later I arranged it (my centre) not to be as the traditional one because I know the weakness of the traditional meditation centers. 
 To Be continued .....