25 February 2014

Interview with Danish Yogi in Hpa An, 16th April 2013 (Part - 2)

Interview with Danish Yogi in Hpa An
16th April 2013
(Part – 2)

Q : I want to learn to meditate but also clear up my mind but also I am reluctant to step in as it is completely opposite from the entire fundamental I have been taught since child.

Sayadaw  :  Because of our traditional habit, we want to grasp something, this is why if you are not relying on your body you will rely on your mind. We are grasping our mind as being our own.

If you can accept that everyone is just created truth it will not affect you. And then, every experience won’t affect you anymore. Whatever happens to you or to other people will not be important.

When the original wisdom appears, it is very powerful. That original wisdom knows about the original truth and the created truth. Now we all are using the created truth but we don’t know about the truth of the created truths because there is no original wisdom.

If there is original wisdom, the original wisdom will know the created truth as being created. Also the original wisdom knows about the real impermanent nature and permanent nature.

Now you have to think about your life.  If there is original wisdom, no need to think about your life as real importance.

Because of using the created wisdom you are thinking about yourself.

Everyone is the same.  Because the power of created wisdom is very limited it thinks about oneself. The power of original truth is very great.  It can think about everyone, it is quite opposite. Now you think about yourself but if there is original wisdom and you will be thinking about everyone, and your understanding will change.

Now you can think only about yourself.  You are ‘only one’. For the created wisdom you are only one. For the original wisdom you become everyone.  You will understand like this. This is why you become very powerful. It is not only you but everyone. You can help everyone.

Now you think about yourself so you can work specially only for yourself. If you think you are everyone, you can work for everyone. And if you can solve that problem, you can also teach to other how to solve that problem, how to understand the original truth.

My work is specialized in teaching how to help others understand like this. Other works are not so important. Although I am doing a lot of good deeds, my special work is to help other people to have right understanding or connect with original truth and original wisdom.

Q : About love, which is attachment but may be it is still important?

Sayadaw  :  If you can detach from that attachment, you can understand about real love, real love means original love. Even the mother love is just created love. If you don’t know the original truth you might think that the created truth is truly good and bad.

If there is comparison between created truth and original truth, you will know the weakness of the created truth. The mother love is also necessary but compared with original wisdom which knows about the original love, it is quite the opposite. That is why detachment is necessary for everything. If you can detach the created truths, that power of detachment can make connection with the original wisdom which is complete and perfect.

Q : So in the original truth, original wisdom there is also love … but not created love?

Sayadaw  :  Yes, not a creation.  All creation can be destroyed.

Original truth cannot be destroyed.

To be continued …..