24 February 2014

Interview with Danish Yogi in Hpa An, 16th April 2013 (Part - 1)

Interview with Danish Yogi in Hpa An
16th April 2013
(Part – 1)

Q : What is the true nature?

Sayadaw  :  There are two kind of original truths in nature. One is ever new impermanent nature and the other one is constant permanent nature.

Because of not knowing the original truth there is misunderstanding as my mind, we think of ourselves as reality, we think our wisdom as real, we think what we know (our knowledge) as real. This is because of not knowing the original truth. In order to know the original truth we have to meditate, we have to use our life and use our intelligence not for our sake.  Using our intelligence for our sake is not doing good deeds.

Using our intelligence not only for few people but for all, not for a limited number of people but for all who are doing good deeds. What we should do is to meditate, to take precepts and to work for other people. And beside this, while doing so we should not pay attention to the mind or to the body or taking them as reality.

We should not pay attention to the result, to the time or to the place. Paying attention is because of attachment. In order to be free from any attachment we should try to abandon our habits.

There are a lot of habits in everyone. We are using our habits. We accept ourselves and habits as being reality. This is a wrong idea.

We should do good deeds.  We should try to be able to abandon our habits. In order to do so, we must not think about ourselves. We must just use our life and our intelligence but without paying emphasised attention to our intelligence, without grasping to ourselves and to other people.

It is possible for everyone to pay emphasised attention to the right understanding and focusing on the right understanding. The right understanding is to do-only, neither to be attached nor to reject. It is possible not to forget this right understanding and to do good deeds as much as possible.

If you forget the right understanding, you will do good deeds with wrong understanding and with the idea of ‘I’. The truth is not something, not someone. Just ever new impermanent nature. In order to know the ever new impermanent nature, you must try to abandon paying emphasised attention to living beings and non-living beings.

If you watch your mental actions, you will see that your mind is working with living beings and non-living beings and it is always busy with something or everything, someone or everyone. That is our old habit.

While doing good deeds you must not use your old habit and in this way you are doing good deeds in the right way. Doing good deeds with our habits is not following the middle way. Doing good deeds without placing central emphasis on someone or something is following the middle way.

You must control your mental actions and you must control the action of your mind with right understanding. If you cannot control your mind it will use its old habit which thinks everything as real, individual, emotion, feeling, thinking and knowing as being real. This is not the right understanding.

If you are doing good deeds without the right understanding, there is mistake. My teaching is specialized in doing good deeds without mistake. In order to correct your mistake you must try not to obey your desire. ‘I want to do like this’, or ‘I want to stay here’.  This is our desire.  It means that the mind is grasping to the place and to the method. This habit is wrong. You can stay here, you can do what you want but you must try not to grasp to something or someone.

Created truths seem to be real because of not knowing the constant impermanent nature.  ‘I’, ‘you’, men and women, all are created truths.  They are alive because of not knowing the original truth.  We all are created truth. We are living in a created life.

Created one is not original. It will appear at one time and disappear at one time.

The original truth is always the constant, no beginning and no end. The original truth is always true, never changing.

Because of attachment to the created truth we are unable to understand the original truth. This is why it is necessary to detach created truth from our mind and our life. To detach from the time and place is necessary in order to understand the original truth.  For me also, because of knowing the created truth as being created, no need to worry about myself or about other people. That understanding has power. This is why all my actions are using the right understanding, because of power of detachment.

To be continued…..