19 October 2012

Guided Insight Meditation Talk dd 4th March 2012-02 (pm)

Guided Insight Meditation Talk
by Thabarwa Sayadaw U Ottamasara
At Chompaka Lodge, Kuala Lumpa, Malaysia
4th March 2012 (evening) 

Part - Two

Constant awareness of using-only, doing-only, experiencing-only, knowing-only will make all our action to be doing-only, will make all our knowing to be knowing-only, and whatever occurs to be experiencing only.  

My teaching is freed, no idea of someone or something.  Using mind and body, time and place, all are to use-only, without the idea of someone or something. The aim of practicing meditation or doing good deeds must be : not to use the idea of someone or something in all our actions. For the past ten years, I have been sharing the truth of using-only, experiencing-only, doing-only, and knowing-only.  

Previously, I could teach only in one way. The situation now is quite different. After putting ten years of continuous efforts (to share this quality), I now can successfully do it (share this quality) how it should be done. Only by practice, you can be able to solve the problem, to be doing what should be done.  
Doing good deeds or practicing meditation as you like, is not difficult. To be able to do what should be done is very difficult. Doing what you can do is very easy. Before you understand what I want you to understand, you will understand only what you can understand. Human intelligence does not have enough quality to understand the truth of : doing-only, experiencing-only, knowing-only.  That’s why the practice is essential.  

Understanding what you cannot understand is trying to improve the quality of your mind. Before you are able to practice how I want you to practice, you will practice only how you are able to. Do how you can do in practicing meditation, but your aim in practicing should be, to go beyond what you can do. What I want you to do is : to do beyond what you can do. You must solve this problem only by continuous practice.  

Doing physical, oral or mental actions with the idea of something or someone is easy, but doing all actions with the understanding of : using-only, experiencing-only, doing-only, and knowing-only is very difficult. Doing actions with attention to the action is easy, but doing the action with the understanding of : use-only, experience-only, do-only, and know-only goes beyond. Try to do what you cannot do by following this practice will improve the quality of your mind.  

I am training your mind to be more and more qualified. Concerning the body, I can do everything very easily.  But what is very difficult for the mind is not to forget the truth : to use- only, to experience-only, to do-only, and to know-only. The truth of to use-only, is the truth of the mind also. In fact we are using our mind without understanding the truth of our mind, this is why the idea of something or someone is involved in all our mental and physical actions. 

To know the situation of the mind is very easy, you can check your mind anytime and you can understand the present situation of your mind. But your mental action is controlled by the idea of someone or something. To know something is very easy for the mind, but to know the truth of : use-only, do-only is very difficult to understand for the mind.  

Using the created truth in the right way is the key for the natural awakening to the original truth and original wisdom.  

There is no created truth which is complete, no created wisdom which is complete.  

We are all using the created truth and created wisdom.  This is why nobody is really complete, no-thing is really complete. 

The original truth and original wisdom are really complete.  

We are using the created truth with attachment.  That is why we cannot know beyond the created truth.  

If there is strong attachment to yourself, most of your knowing will be concerning (relating to) yourself. Your ”knowing” cannot go beyond “yourself” because of attachment to yourself. If there is no attachment to yourself you can know beyond someone, beyond yourself.  

Attachment makes the quality of our understanding limited. Reminding the mind the truth of using-only, experiencing-only, doing-only, and knowing-only is the way to keep the mind free from attachment. 

The teaching is over now. 

May all the merits we have done until now be dedicated to all sentient being. 

May all beings rejoice in our merits. 

Sadhu, sadhu, sadhu

Source : 20120304  ET5 chempaka (mp3)
Recorded by Sibylle Bonu
@ Sayalay Daw Khema