15 August 2012

Guided Insight Meditation Talk at Chompaka Lodge, Part - One

Guided Insight Meditation Talk by Venerable Sayadaw U Ottamasara

At Chompaka Lodge, Kuala Lumpa, Malaysia
On Saturday, 4th March 2012
Part - One

We are used to pay attention only to the created truth. All living beings, non living beings, time and place are just created truth. All the causes that we know are also just created truth. Our intelligence and all our knowledge are also just created truth. Our mind is also just created truth. Because of attachment to the created truth all our actions cannot go beyond the created truth. Our mind is always connecting one created truth after another. All our mental actions are concerned only with created truth.

Try to change our mental action by paying attention the truth to use only, to experience only, to do only, to know only. Use only means only using without any idea of something or someone. Use-only means, using without grasping to the created truth. In fact, we are using the created truth all the time but there is grasping in all our actions.

Constant mindfulness of use only intends to stop the habit of grasping.  Remind the truth to use only intends the grasping habit to become weaker and weaker. Try to remember the truth “use only” without grasping. All actions including practicing meditation are to use only.  Our actions must be free from the wrong idea of something or someone. All the effects, good or bad must be experienced only.

Grasping or using with the idea that something is wrong. The truth to use only is something beyond our understanding. We are traditionally doing good deeds with our normal understanding. Our intelligence is not complete that is why all our understandings are not complete. All actions of doing good deeds must be controlled by the middle way of using-only, experience only, do only and know only.

Using only with our intelligence is right but grasping is wrong. Understanding the truth of use-only intends to stop the habit of grasping to our intelligence. Our mind and intelligence are to use-only. By reminding of using-only, we try to use our mind in an intelligent way. The traditional habit of mind and intelligence is grasping something wrong. Continuous paying attention to the truth of use-only, experience-only, do-only and know-only intend to stop the wrong idea or wrong view from our mind.

Try to love the truth of use-only and stop the grasping habit of our mind. The more you pay attention to the truth of use-only, experience-only, do-only, know-only, the more you will be liberated from doing something with the idea of someone or something. In this way, all your actions will be free from wrong understanding.

To be continued