31 August 2012

Motto Quotes of Thabarwa Sayadaw U Ottamasara

Motto Quotes from Thabarwa Sayadaw U Ottamasara's
41st Birthday Present eBook

October 2010

The more anger, the more danger.
The less anger, the less danger.
Freedom from anger, freedom from danger.

The more desire, the more discomfort.
The less desire, the less discomfort.
Freedom from desire, freedom from discomfort.

"Using with grasping and using with comparing" is wrong.
"Using only" is right.

"Action only" is free, flexible and powerful.

"Difficulty" is the first step towards "easiness".

If there is a will, there is a way.
Your mind is the creator of your life.

“Belief” is a fundamental requirement in practicing meditation. 
Even ' created belief ' has power to a limited extent
'Real belief ' has power to a limited extent.  (or)    
‘Created belief' has limited power. 
‘Real belief' has limitless power.

Unlimited time, place, effort and abandonment are required to explore the original wisdom.

Real meditation is trying to abandon one's mind until nothing is left.

Try to practice meditation regardless of having a busy life.

Practice meditation with free wisdom and desire.
Practice meditation without any reasoning about how to do it and what to do.

From free wisdom arises free action; from free action arises free power; from free power appears limitless results.

Nothing is permanent EXCEPT ever new impermanent nature and permanent nature(Nibbana).

Nothing to take refuge in EXCEPT the original truth,  
(ever-new impermanent nature  and permanent nature).
Original truth is to be taken refuge in.
Created truth is to be used only.

Original truth has limitless power.
Created truth has only limited power.

Real meditation is trying to stop any cause.
There's no effect free from cause.   No cause, no effect.

Real meditation is trying to inherit right understanding from the Buddha. 
A really good deed is sharing that right understanding.

Real meditation is like "digging up an invaluable treasure" of good deeds.

The surest way to satisfy & fulfill one's mind is fulfilling others' minds indiscriminately.

Try to do good deeds continuously without limitation and hesitation.

"Helping others" is helping oneself.

17 August 2012

Guided Insight Meditation Talk at Chompaka Lodge, Part - Two

Guided Insight Meditation Talk by Venerable Sayadaw U Ottamasara
At Chompaka Lodge, Kuala Lumpa, Malaysia
On Saturday, 4th March 2012

Part - Two

There are a lot of misunderstandings and wrong views in our mind. Constant awareness of use-only will make our mind free from all wrong understanding. Our mind, body and our life, all are to use-only. Using it with the idea of “my own life” is wrong. We are traditionally using our life with wrong understanding.

Following the middle way is correcting the traditional mistake. If the right understanding of use-only, experience-only is controlling all our actions, than all our actions will be doing-only. All the knowing will be knowing-only. Whatever happens, good or bad, will be experiencing-only. In fact all the created truth are changing all the time.

Grasping to the situation as being good or bad, right or wrong, and liking or disliking is wrong. All the changes of created truth are to be experienced-only, to use-only. If you understand the truth of using-only, you will not reject the created truth. If there is no wrong view of someone, something, time and place, there will be no attachment. Rejecting and attaching to the created truth is wrong. Reminding the truth of experience-only, do-only, know only will enable us not to reject nor attach to the created truth.

Created truth must be only on the side of subject and the truth of use-only, experience-only, do-only, know only must be on the side of object. In this way, you will be able to use the created truth in the right way. I am introducing about the truth of use-only, experience only, do-only, know-only, which are concerned with all created truth.  

We are traditionally using the created truth without the right understanding about it. That mean we are using the created truth in the wrong way that’s why there is no end, whatever we do, whatever we know and in practicing meditation also there is grasping to this method or that method. We can do nothing without grasping, without the wrong idea of “I” and “you”, someone or something. Only the truth of use-only, experience-only, do-only and know-only can solve this problem.  

It is necessary not to forget the truth of use-only, use-only mean using only, there is no rejecting nor attaching, using only without wrong view of someone or something.

This practice intend to improve your understanding skills.  The truth is beyond something or someone, beyond time and place.  The human intelligence that we are using is not enough to understand beyond something or someone.  We are used to accept what we understand.

This practice intends to believe the truth of what we cannot understand. Helping people, keeping precepts and practicing meditation is necessary, but in all these actions of good deeds, not forgetting the truth of ’use-only’ is important.  If there is attachment to the method we are using, all our practice will be blindly repeating the same method.  Constant awareness of use-only is necessary in order to make the attachment to the created truth less and less.  

Understanding or not understanding my teaching is not important.  To be free from the attachment to the situation of understanding or not is important.  If there is attachment in your understanding and in not understanding, you are not using understanding and not understanding in the right way.  Our intelligence is not complete enough to understand what is really important. 

The teaching is over now.

Let’s share our merits.

May all the merits we have done until now be dedicated to all beings, may all beings rejoice and share our merits.


Recorded by Sibylle Bonu
@ Sayalay Daw Khema

15 August 2012

Guided Insight Meditation Talk at Chompaka Lodge, Part - One

Guided Insight Meditation Talk by Venerable Sayadaw U Ottamasara

At Chompaka Lodge, Kuala Lumpa, Malaysia
On Saturday, 4th March 2012
Part - One

We are used to pay attention only to the created truth. All living beings, non living beings, time and place are just created truth. All the causes that we know are also just created truth. Our intelligence and all our knowledge are also just created truth. Our mind is also just created truth. Because of attachment to the created truth all our actions cannot go beyond the created truth. Our mind is always connecting one created truth after another. All our mental actions are concerned only with created truth.

Try to change our mental action by paying attention the truth to use only, to experience only, to do only, to know only. Use only means only using without any idea of something or someone. Use-only means, using without grasping to the created truth. In fact, we are using the created truth all the time but there is grasping in all our actions.

Constant mindfulness of use only intends to stop the habit of grasping.  Remind the truth to use only intends the grasping habit to become weaker and weaker. Try to remember the truth “use only” without grasping. All actions including practicing meditation are to use only.  Our actions must be free from the wrong idea of something or someone. All the effects, good or bad must be experienced only.

Grasping or using with the idea that something is wrong. The truth to use only is something beyond our understanding. We are traditionally doing good deeds with our normal understanding. Our intelligence is not complete that is why all our understandings are not complete. All actions of doing good deeds must be controlled by the middle way of using-only, experience only, do only and know only.

Using only with our intelligence is right but grasping is wrong. Understanding the truth of use-only intends to stop the habit of grasping to our intelligence. Our mind and intelligence are to use-only. By reminding of using-only, we try to use our mind in an intelligent way. The traditional habit of mind and intelligence is grasping something wrong. Continuous paying attention to the truth of use-only, experience-only, do-only and know-only intend to stop the wrong idea or wrong view from our mind.

Try to love the truth of use-only and stop the grasping habit of our mind. The more you pay attention to the truth of use-only, experience-only, do-only, know-only, the more you will be liberated from doing something with the idea of someone or something. In this way, all your actions will be free from wrong understanding.

To be continued