1 February 2012

Right View and Wrong View - Part 6

Right View and Wrong View - Part 6

Original Truth and Original Wisdom
If your understanding is right, your action will become right and thus your mind will become more and more pure and powerful.  If your mind is pure, you do not need to depend on other people, body, situation, money and food.  As our mind is not free and pure; our mind is controlled by wrong understanding, our mind is always starving for everything and there will be endless desire in our mind.

You cannot copy and understand my teaching since your mind is not free.  Try to have right understanding like me and it is the way to be free our mind.

My view is free view.  It is neither created view nor created understanding but original understanding.  What I am guiding is the right cause for your mind to have direct connection with Original Truth and Original Wisdom.  Traditionally, using mind - with the idea of taking mind as reality will never have direct connection with Original Truth and Original Wisdom.

Every life, experience and knowing including life, experience and knowing of Yogi (meditator) are just to be used, just to be experienced and just to be known only, must not take them as reality.

To be able to do like this, it is necessary not to forget Original Truth, Real impermanent Nature and its two qualities as follows :
(1) original creation to think unreality as reality and,
(2) original understanding about Original Truth and Created Truths.

You have to practice meditation but you must not forget Original action of Impermanent Nature to think unreality as reality so that your practicing will become practicing only without misunderstanding it as reality.  There will be a lot of knowing and experience about meditation, but all knowing must be just knowing only and must not think it as reality.

In order to be like that, you must not forget “original knowing of Impermanent Nature."  Knowing someone and knowing mind" are just Created Truths, they are just to be used, just to be known only and not to be taken them as reality.

Even life of yogi (meditator) is also just to be used only and not to be thought as reality.  To be able to do like this, we must not forget Original Truth, Real Impermanent Nature which is beyond someone and something.  In this way, we can use our life in the right way with right understanding.

The more attention to Original Truth,
the less wrong understanding become.
The less the wrong understanding,
the more the right understanding.

In this way, right understanding has become replacing wrong understanding." Knowing like this or not" is also "just knowing only" and "just not knowing only".

There is nobody behind knowing like this or not.
Original Truth is perfect. Right view or free view is perfect.

There is no need to be worried about the others, no need to be proud of ourselves.  There is nobody who knows or who does not know.  There is no person who has escaped and there is no person who has trapped.

There is only wrong understanding and right understanding.  If wrong understanding is controlling our mind, all Created Truths- everything, everyone, time, place, situation and the whole universe become alive and real.

If there is no wrong view or wrong understanding, nothing is alive, no one is alive, no time and no place.

There is only Impermanent Nature and Permanent Nature.

Teaching is now over.

*     *     *     *     *  

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Written by Hnin Nwe Soe
Edited by Ven Ottamasara