23 January 2012

Right View and Wrong View - Part 5

Right View and Wrong View - Part 5

About Right View And Wrong View
"Doing action or not" must be "doing only" and "not doing only". "Doing or not" is not of real importance.  What is important is whether or not there is freedom from attachment and wrong understanding.  To be able to do like this, it is necessary not to forget Original Truth- Impermanent Nature and two qualities of Impermanent Nature; Original Creation and Original Understanding.  If there is wrong understanding, everything is important and every single detail becomes alive.  If there is no wrong understanding, nothing is important and all Created Truths are just to be used, just to be experienced and just to be known only."

Understanding to my teaching or not" is also just to be understanding only and just to be not-understanding only.

It means not to change our lives, actions and situations but just to change our view or understanding.

"Doing or not" is also not important. If you have a chance to do it, just do it.

If you don't have any chance to do it, just don't do it.  There will be no more problem concerned with "doing or not".  I have a chance to teach Dhamma in Malaysia.  So I just come and teach Dhamma here. "Coming or not", "Teaching or not" is not important.  “To have right understanding like this" is important.

We must try to go beyond our understanding since our understanding is controlled by wrong understanding or misunderstanding.

Real Meditation
Real meditation is trying to be free from wrong view. Right view is free view, knowing only and understanding only.  We are traditionally paying attention to the actions of our mind, and body, our life and situation.  It is wrong to do like that and there is no end in doing so.

It is necessary just to change the controller;
from wrong understanding to right understanding,
not to change our life and our mind.

If we can change our wrong understanding, our mind and life will become perfect.  All of your dreams will come true and all of your desire will be fulfilled by that quality.  Only by paying attention to the right understanding, attention to Created Truths, people, time, place and situation will become less and less.

Due to paying attention to Created Truths, attachment becomes bigger and bigger.  By changing our attention from Created Truths to Original Truth, from wrong understanding to right understanding, our traditional attention to Created Truths will become less and less.  So try your best to pay more attention to right understanding and less attention to Created Truths.

Our mind is traditionally controlled by wrong understanding and so it is always busy with "likes and dislikes", "love and hatred", or "happiness and unhappiness".   If wrong understanding is controlling in whatever we do, our mind is not free, our action is not free and so our mind quality will not be free.

That is why we can copy each other whose mind quality is not free but we cannot copy Lord Buddha whose mind quality is free since we have strong attachment to ourselves and to tradition.

For me, "Who I am, what religion I am and what I am doing" is not important.  Therefore, "who you are, what religion you are and what you are doing" is not important.  So I can help people to change their wrong understanding.

To be continued