10 January 2012

Right View and Wrong View - Part 3

Right View and Wrong View - Part 3

Real Cause Of All Problems
Real meditation is using mind in the extraordinary way.  We are using "lives of male and female, life and death" with the idea of taking them as reality.  So there is attachment in our mind concerned with lives of male and female, life and death.

Because of that attachment,
lots of problems concerned with those
occur in human society.

We have strong attachment to Created Truths because of wrong understanding (taking created truths as reality).  If there is no wrong understanding, there is no attachment.  Because of wrong understanding, we need to make a practice of correcting our understanding.

You will need to understand and accept as mentioned above or as I guided you for a certain enough period of time.  In fact, more and more time and practice is necessary to have right understanding as I guided you.  In this way, attachment to wrong understanding will surely become less and less.

The Real Right And Wrong Understanding
The real right and wrong understanding is concerned with Original Truth.

There are two kinds of original truth :
1) Impermanent Nature and
2) Permanent Nature.
(Note : Impermanent nature does not mean the impermanence of something or someone but the real impermanence by nature which is constant and forever.)

Impermanent Nature Has Two Kinds Of Quality Or Power
1. Original power of creation or action to think unreality as reality.
2. Original knowing or understanding about Original Truth and Created Truths.

To be continued