6 January 2012

Right View and Wrong View - Part 2

Right View and Wrong View - Part 2

The Help Of The Teacher Who Has Right Understanding
I am using all Created Truths - mind, body, time and place without misunderstanding but with right understanding, without any attachment to my life, lives of other people, my actions, actions of other people, my knowing and knowing of others.  Therefore, all my actions are just actions and all my knowing are just knowing only.  That's why I can help everyone to change their wrong understanding through my right understanding.  You cannot directly understand about right and wrong understanding by yourself.

Trying to have right understanding like me
 is changing your traditional understanding.

You need to try to understand and accept like me in order to have right understanding.  In this way, your attempt to accept like me will cause or will condition your traditional wrong understanding to be right understanding.

We need to change our understanding.
If we have strong attachment to wrong understanding,
it is difficult to correct our understanding
and it will take long time.

At first, we must accept the idea that our mind and body are controlled by wrong understanding.  Because that wrong understanding is concerned with our inner mind, we need to change our understanding and attention in order to remove wrong understanding from inner mind. 

We should only pay attention to wrong and right understanding, not to our mind, body, time, place and whatever actions concerned with mind and body which are just Created Truths.

In fact, all created truths are just to be used only but not to be paid attention to. What I am saying is not our traditional understanding.  Try to understand or accept like my understanding and then your mind power will become higher and higher.  This practice is mostly concerned with our mind.

"Mind Only Or Free Mind" Can Create And Do Everything
In fact, mind is free and it can create and do everything.  You can understand and accept like my understanding through right practice.  The more practice you make, the less the traditional mind quality (defilements) and then the stronger the power of mind quality will become.  In this way, our traditional understanding or wrong understanding (defilements) will become less and less and the power of right understanding will become higher and higher.

This practice is intended to go beyond traditional mind quality and to become free mind.  Since we are strongly attached to our traditional wrong understanding, it is difficult to understand like Lord Buddha and his followers.

However, this is the only way of trying to copy the Lord Buddha's understanding and thus sooner or later your mind will be more and more free and powerful.

To be continued