3 January 2012

Right View and Wrong View - Part 1

Right View and Wrong View - Part 1 
This teaching (write-up) is directly based on the Guided Vipassana Insight Meditation Sermon (talk) by Ven Ottamasara at Bodi Heart Sanctuary (BHS) in Penang during his Dhamma Trip to Malaysia in March 2011.

"Having Right Understanding" Is Of Real Importance
We all are doing good deeds.  We can differentiate goodness from badness.  Whatever happenings and whatever feeling, good or bad are not important.  To know about right understanding or right view is important.   At the beginning, you can know about right understanding and wrong understanding by listening to my teaching- with the help of me.

Role Of The Help Of A Teacher Who Has Right Understanding
My mind has the power to change understanding from wrong understanding to right understanding.  It is difficult for you to change your wrong understanding by yourself.  But it is not difficult for me. You can copy my right understanding.

In this way, you can indirectly understand about those understandings.  But those indirect understandings are not enough and perfect to become direct understanding about right and wrong understanding.  What I am saying is not about someone, something, time and place, but just about right and wrong understanding.

Traditionally we are using mind, body, life cycle, life and death, time (past, present and future), everything, everyone, places, experiences and situations with the idea of taking them as reality.  In fact, all of them are just created truths. All created truths are just to be used, just to be experienced and just to be known only but not to be taken them as reality.  We are naturally using those created truths with wrong understanding.

What I am talking about right and wrong understanding is not created truth such as time, place, something and someone etc. 

All our knowing or understanding concerned with our mind are just to be known only but not to be taken them as reality.

"Understanding to my teaching or not" is also just to be experienced only and not to be taken it as reality. Our understanding is naturally wrong and so we need to change our understanding.

Understanding Is Concerned With Inner Mind
Understanding is especially concerned with inner or unconscious mind.  Generally we are using our outer mind or conscious mind.  Wrong   understanding or misunderstanding is mostly concerned with our inner mind.  By using our outer mind correctly, we must try to remove misunderstanding   from inner mind.  It is necessary to understand or accept like my understanding.  In this way, you can change your understanding from wrong to right.  This understanding is necessary to change our traditional misunderstanding about created truth.

Changing Wrong To Right Understanding
We are using all created truths with wrong understanding and so all our knowing and actions are controlled by wrong understanding.  Therefore, we need to change our understanding (controller) from wrong understanding to right understanding.  Even in practicing meditation, we are habitually practicing, knowing and experiencing with wrong understanding, with the idea of thinking them as reality.  e.g. This is right, that is wrong, practicing meditation is right, doing this good deed is right.

In fact, our practice and action should be controlled by right understanding.  Practicing meditation should be practicing only without wrong understanding, without taking the idea of practicing meditation, as reality.  If there is wrong understanding, our practicing will not be free and we will think like that "Someone is practicing meditation."

In fact, no one is practicing. Practicing meditation should be “practicing only”.  Meditation, time, place and experience seem to be real because of wrong understanding. We are using them with wrong understanding with the idea of taking them as reality.

To be continued