1 January 2012

Motto Quotes of Thabarwa Sayadaw U Ottamasara

Motto Quotes of Thabarwa Sayadaw U Ottamasara
(Extracted from e-book "Right View and Wrong View")

Created Truths are
To be used only,
To be experienced only,
To be known only and
Not to be taken as reality.

Because of wrong understanding, we need to make a practice of correcting our understanding.

Real Impermanent Nature has the power to misunderstand Created truths
as reality and as of real importance.

In using created mind, body, time and place, it is necessary not to forget
Original Truth, Impermanent Nature and its illusive power to think unreality as reality.
If there is wrong understanding, everything is important and every single detail becomes alive.

Due to paying attention to Created Truths, attachment becomes bigger and bigger.

If we have strong attachment to wrong understanding, it is difficult to correct our understanding and it will take long time.

Created Truths are not true anymore compared with Original Truth. Created Truths seem to be real because of ignorance to the original reality, the Original Truth.
The more attention to Original Truth, the less wrong understanding become.
The less the wrong understanding,  the more the right understanding.

There is nobody behind knowing like this or not.
Original Truth is perfect. Right view or free view is perfect.

By remembering or not forgetting the power of constant impermanent nature; original illusive creation & original knowing of original impermanent nature, we will be able to use the created truths in the right way using only.

The real impermanent nature has two kinds of power.
(1) Original power of creation  to think unreality as reality (Samudaya Sacca).
(2) Original knowing or understanding about Original Truth & Created Truths (Magga Sacca).

Created Truths are to be used only,