29 December 2011

New Six-Story Dhamma Building

New Six-Story Dhamma Building
At Thabarwa Centre in Thanlyin

Thabarwa Centre, headed by Venerable Sayadaw U Ottamasara, is established principally for Vipassana Insight Meditation, following the example taught by Lord Buddha for the propagation and perpetuation of Buddha Sasana. 

The core inspiration of Thabarwa is selflessness, compassion and universal love.  

Since its establishment, without limiting the number of residents, Thabarwa takes on everyone, regardless of age, race, social status, health condition, physical and mental state and provides a peaceful sanctuary for the pensioners, the old, the needy, the disables, the infirms as well as chronically and terminally ill persons.   

Regardless of their physical and mental conditions, Thabarwa provides them with basic necessities of life such as food, clothing, shelter and medical care which includes hospitalization, for free so that they can fully concentrate on the pursuit and realization of Dhamma.  Even on the event of death the Centre performs their last funeral rites and gives them a decent burial.
Though Thabarwa functions for common welfare, that is not the main objective. The main objective is to enable the yogis to practice Vipassana Insight Meditation with single-minded concentration and to propagate the Patipatti Sasana, practical application to realize peace of mind and end of suffering.  

Due to the increasing number of patients and infirm people, a new six-storey dhamma building for the sick and the infirm is proposed and the construction of the building has been commenced to enable us to cater to those who are in need.

Our hospitality towards those who come to us for help and seek refuge under the guidance of Ven. Sayadaw U Ottamasara will hopefully be well placed in this new six-story infirmary.
Indeed, Thabarwa, headed by Ven. Sayadaw U Ottamasara, is a non-profit humanitarian organization working for a noble cause.  

It is the place where voluntary donors can donate cash and materials to gain merit.  The Centre channels the money and materials received to provide a peaceful venue for people to practice Dhamma without worry.  

There are many volunteers who donate their labour for a worthy cause, to look after the welfare of the residents taking refuge in the Centre.

The Yogis (meditators), seeking true Dhamma, also become friends with fellow yogis in a spirit of give and take.  Thus they do not feel helpless over their miseries of stress, pressure, sickness, rejection and loneliness.