25 April 2014

Dhamma Discussion with Korean Yogi at ThanLyin ThaBarWa Centre (Part - 3)

Teaching of ThaBarWa Sayadaw U Ottamasara

Question and Answer and Dhamma Discussion
with Korean Yogi
at ThaBarWa Centre (Thanlyin)
18th October 2012

Part Three

Korean Yogi  :  When I follow Sayadaw when you do some daily activities, I find out that you are a very busy person going around, welcoming many many visitors, giving dhamma teachings in the morning and at night. How is it possible for you to do such a many works in a day? Are you not feeling tired or sometimes may be depressed?

Sayadaw  :  As far as practicing insight meditation and doing good deeds are concerned, you will know the value only when you put in your best effort in doing them. Regardless of whether the problems are yours or others, helping people in solving their problems as best as you can, can be as beneficial and fulfilling as practicing meditation and doing good deeds.

You will understand my logic and philosophy only when you personally tried it out and experience it. By fulfilling other's needs and requirements, you will also gain limitless merits (kusala). Due to the merits and benefits accrued from your good deeds, you can, in turn, help and do more for the benefit of others. This is like a chain of events. If I do not practice insight meditation and if I do not do other good deeds beside practicing insight meditation, my current actions and endeavours could well be way beyond my wildest imagination.

Instead of building castles in the air, if you practice insight meditation and doing good deeds diligently, due to the power and merits accrued from those actions, you might either be able to abandon or reduce your time and energy allocated for worldly actions and endeavours.

Human beings habitually spend their time and energy on created actions such as to earn money, to amass wealth and fortune.  In contract, those who do good deeds does not centre their mind on whether they are doing for themselves or for other.  Instead they do anything which are necessary and can be beneficial for people.

If you are so used to doing created actions and looking at things from created point of view, it might be so difficult for you to understand and appreciate my actions. You will understand my actions and endeavours only if you try them out by yourself.  

Once you carry out good deeds continuously and diligently, you will be able to amass and experience the merit and energy (power) which you have never experienced before. Due to these accumulated merit and energy, you will be able to do even greater and continuous good deeds like what I am doing now.  It is very important for you to have courage and desire to start doing good deeds.

The theory goes like this .... if you do bad deeds, you will accumulate akusala kamma (bad kamma).  Likewise, if you do good deeds effectively, continuously and diligently, you will eventually accumulate unlimited merit (Merit, virtue and good deeds always accrue equal returns without fail. 

Evil always accrue equal returns without fail). Due to the power and energy of unlimited merit which you had accumulated, you will be able to do even greater and unlimited good deeds in future.  This, indeed is the theory of cause and effect.  Due to the continuous and unlimited good deeds which you have invested in as a cause, you will amass unlimited merit, power and energy as an effect. If you keep this action of cause and effect going, you will be able to do unlimited good deeds continuously ... for as long as you wish to.

Since you are doing good actions and good deeds, the more you do good actions and good deeds, the more merit, power and energy you will be accumulated.  In this way, as time goes by, you will eventually be able to do more difficult and challenging good deeds which are way beyond your imagination.   You will understand my theory and actions only when you try to do it by yourself.  You will eventually be able to do like me, only when you try to put your utmost best and strive it out by yourself.  

In order for you to understand my actions and endeavours, you might need to physically try it out by yourself.  Once you have started following my footsteps, you will no longer find it challenging and difficult.  You will eventually be able to understand the unlimited benefits accrued from your good actions and at the same time, accumulate unlimited merits.  In this way, doing unlimited good deeds, actions and endeavours like me will no longer be a problem for you.

Sayadaw  :  Future plan, I forgot answer your question.

Korean Yogi  :  Future plan ... do you want to answer about it now?  Ok.

Sayadaw  :  Prior to establishing ThaBarWa Centre (meditation centres) of this scale, I have no preliminary ideas, plans and preparations.  ThaBarWa Centre is being established through fulfilling and carrying out requirements of the time and circumstances (situation) as well as the requirements of the present period and situation.  I will still be doing the same thing, fulfilling requirements of the masses, in foreseeable future.

As the needs, requirements and expectations of the people (masses) would change and vary along with the ever changing time and circumstances, in future, I will still be establishing merit making centres, groups, organisations base on the circumstances and requirements of the future period...I will still be bringing people of similar interests together and provide them with opportunities to do unlimited good deeds continuously.

To be continued .....